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  1. [REQUEST] Dumento (YWFT)
  2. [REQUEST] Bondoluo (Álvaro Thomáz Fonts) 2012
  3. [REQUEST] Touch Tone (Jeff Kahn)
  4. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Gunplay (Typodermic)
  5. [REQUEST COMPLETED] No. Seven (Fenotype) Complete
  6. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ligurino Regular (Typodermic)
  7. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tungsten (HF&J)
  8. [FONT ID] New Identify Font
  9. [REQUEST] VMF Pure Black (Vicky Mardian Fonts)
  10. [REQUEST] Modern Extended (Monotype)
  11. [REQUEST] Berolina / Blue Point (Solotype)
  12. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Thalia (profonts)
  13. [REQUEST] Margara (Mariaes)
  14. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Astrum Heart (Fontex) Genevieve (Scholtz) Danubia Script (FF)
  15. [REQUEST] Directa Serif (Outras Fontes)
  16. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Nadall (Solotype) 2005
  17. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Confetti TP (Tipo Pèpel) 2011
  18. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Alphaville Ultra (ShinnType)
  19. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] OL Radiant / OL Radiant Slender (Dennis Ortiz-Lopez)
  20. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mrs Eaves Petite Caps (Emigre)
  21. [REQUEST] Constantine (Pedro Teixeira)
  22. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Potato Cut (Letraset)
  23. [REQUEST] Holt Sans / Tubbs (A New Machine)
  24. [REQUEST] Penang (AdultHumanMale)
  25. [REQUEST COMPLETED] CPL Kirkwood (Kimmy Design)
  26. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Relato Serif (Emtype Foundry)
  27. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Josef Sans (Storm)
  28. [REQUEST COMPLETED] New Wave / Quickscript (Schizotype)
  29. [REQUEST] PintassilgoPrints Collection Complete (PintassilgoPrints)
  30. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Parkinson Electra (Linotype)
  31. [REQUEST] Cherry Lane / Manor / Rave / Sevoya (Jonahfonts)
  32. [REQUEST] Sandwich (Suitcase Type Foundry)
  33. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Scraper (Graffiti Fonts/Higherground)
  34. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Harmonia Sans (Monotype Imaging) Paneuropean or Pro
  35. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Rijksoverheid Sans (Farhill)
  36. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Rave (JonahFonts)
  37. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Barber (Fenotype)
  38. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Zar2 Script Thin + Zar2 Casual (SzarDesign)
  39. [REQUEST] Barnstormer Script (Dear Alison)
  40. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mount (Måns Grebäck)
  41. [REQUEST] Adria Grotesk (FaceType) Originals only
  42. [REQUEST] Alpengeist JF / Randolph JF (Jukebox Type / JAW Fonts)
  43. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Creamy Script (T-26)
  44. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Felicita (Wiescher Design)
  45. [FONT ID] Les Thixotropes
  46. [REQUEST] Ginger Snap JF (Jukebox)
  47. [REQUEST] Jazz Dark, Jazz Light, Turnpike, Permanent Waves, PW Expanded (Font Diner)
  48. [REQUEST COMPLETED] New Telegraph (Fontschmiede)
  49. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Please help identify font (Custom)
  50. [REQUEST] Blood and Blade (Typesgal)
  51. [REQUEST] Andron (SIAS)
  52. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Glass Light (Wiescher Design)
  53. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Frank Flowers (Wiescher Design)
  54. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Eloise (Wiescher Design)
  55. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Delicia Pro (Wiescher Design)
  56. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sackers Roman (Monotype)
  57. [REQUEST] Emblem (Treehouse Graphic Design, David Occhino)
  58. [REQUEST] Nisswa (SparkyType)
  59. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Telefon (Monokrom)
  61. [REQUEST] Substance Type 1 (Substance)
  62. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hashtag / Kurws (Studio Filigran)
  63. [REQUEST] Tar Teen (Fabulous Rice)
  64. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Helios Pro (Albatross)
  65. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Jacked Eleven (Måns Grebäck)
  66. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Freaky Frog (BF)
  67. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Angilla Tattoo (Måns Grebäck)
  68. [REQUEST] Greback Grotesque (Måns Grebäck)
  69. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Nano Stockholm (Akkurat)
  70. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Esmigulina (Gotham)
  71. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Softipen Script / Sommelier (AKTF)
  72. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Font identification
  73. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sentinel (HF&J)
  74. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Super Veloz (Andreu Balius, Alex Trochut)
  76. [FONT ID COMPLETE] Font identification (Flama Condensed)
  77. [REQUEST] CastleType Complete Collection (CastleType)
  78. [REQUEST] Atrek (Stypeface)
  79. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Antey Black (AKTF)
  80. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sixtra (Wiescher Design)
  81. [REQUEST] Chicago Script (LHF)
  82. [REQUEST] Euphoria 2 (LHF)
  83. [REQUEST] Caporal (205)
  84. [FONT ID] Beveled Display Face
  85. [REQUEST] Tomato Soup (Maria F. Iglesias)
  86. [REQUEST COMPLETED] JAF Peacock (Just Another Foundry)
  87. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Private Sans (Paratype)
  88. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Range Serif (Schizotype)
  89. [REQUEST] Lady Fair (Jukebox)
  90. [REQUEST] Birch Beer, Bootblack, Brand X, Brushmark (Jeff Levine)
  91. [FONT ID] Vintage Christmas
  92. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Dionisio / Vincenzo (CastleType)
  93. [REQUEST] Front Page / Suite Slab / Twopenny / Vantage (Jonahfonts)
  94. [REQUEST] Grape Jelly (Jukebox)
  95. [REQUEST] Everyone (Working Format)
  96. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Organic (Positype)
  97. [REQUEST COMPLETED] India Ink (CounterPoint Type Studio)
  98. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Califunkia (CounterPoint)
  99. [REQUEST] King Edward (LHF)
  100. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Deutsche Bahn + Symantec (Christian Schwartz)
  101. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Crema (Hubert Jocham)
  102. [REQUEST COMPLETED] MVB Magnesium (Mark van Bronkhorst)
  103. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Juneway (Jeff Levine)
  104. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Coffee Black (BA Graphics)
  105. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF Speak (FontFont)
  106. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Nordic Narrow (Fountain)
  107. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Quixo (Font Font)
  108. [REQUEST] VMF Pure Black (VMF Fonts)
  109. [REQUEST COMPLETED] ALS Direct (Art. Lebedev Studio)
  110. [REQUEST] Gin Sans (Think Work Observe)
  111. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hogwild (Aerotype)
  112. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Dogjaw (Aerotype)
  113. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Leto Sans (Glen Jan)
  114. [FONT ID]: Script font on this Poster
  116. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Soft Press (CanadaType)
  117. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Collage BB (Posterizer KG)
  118. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Diplomatic (Sudtipos)
  119. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Cabernet Sauvignon (BA Graphics)
  120. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Julien (Typotheque)
  121. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Displace (Denis Serebryakov)
  122. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Regular (Binnenland, Gestalten) Complete
  123. [REQUEST] ARS Region (ARS Type)
  124. [REQUEST] Gedau Gothic (Fontfarm)
  125. [REQUEST] Kasuga Brush (Insigne)
  126. [REQUEST PART. COMPLETED] Dionisio / Norberto / Progreso / Vincenzo (CastleType)
  127. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Coranto 2 (Gerard Unger)
  128. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Weiss Antiqua EF (Emil Rudolf Weiss)
  129. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Aviano Wedge (insigne)
  130. [REQUEST] Quixo (Font Font)
  131. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ehmbeecee (AKOFAType)
  132. [REQUEST] Throne Gothic (Ten Dollar Fonts)
  133. [REQUEST] Mirella Initials Ornaments (Intellecta Design) 2013
  135. [REQUEST] ZIG ZAG (Volcanotype)
  136. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Shodo Gothic (Mirco Zett)
  137. [REQUEST] Social Networking Icons (Matt Grey Design)
  138. [REQUEST] NewParis (Swiss Typefaces)
  139. [REQUEST COMPLETED] SangBleu (Swiss Typefaces)
  140. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Version 1 International (Volcano Type)
  141. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Zamenhof College (CastleType)
  142. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ransahoff (CastleType)
  143. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Topaz Font [Hoefler & Frere-Jones]
  144. [REQUEST] Steven Bonner / Muirside [HypeForType]
  145. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Trojan / Alex Trochut (HypeForType)
  146. [REQUEST COMPLETED] NewStandard (Paratype)
  148. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Identity/Art director (Linotype Brewery)
  149. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Alana Pro (Laura Worthington)
  150. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Piranha Script (LHF / Dave Correll)
  151. [REQUEST] Royal Grotesk (Berthold)
  152. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Restraint (Tiro Typeworks)
  153. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Kari Display (Positype)
  154. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Supermolot (Jovanny Lemonad)
  155. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sequencia (Gestalten)
  156. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hermaphrodite / Interna / Reklame Stencil (Volcano)
  157. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Abracadabra / Arsen (Volcano)
  158. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Dolly Pro (Underware)
  159. [REQUEST] Orange County JF (Jukebox)
  160. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Bokar (Pelavin)
  161. [REQUEST] OL Hairline Gothic (Dennis Ortiz-Lopez) 2009
  162. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Quick Rest (Wearecolt)
  163. [REQUEST] Blackwood ( Fonts of Chaos )
  164. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Moderator JNL (Jeff Levine) 2013
  165. [REQUEST COMPLETED] ATC Rosemary (Ten Dollar Fonts)
  166. [REQUEST] Atelier Neue (Ten Dollar Fonts)
  167. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Finkl Pro (Ten Dollar Fonts)
  168. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ocean Sans® (Adobe)
  169. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sansational and/or Sensational Sans (Type Innovations)
  170. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Font identification (Mensch)
  171. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hand Shop Typography (Fontscafe)
  172. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Criss Cross (Hanoded)
  173. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Athelas (TypeTogether)
  174. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Clarendon Paint (Open Window)
  175. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Waterfall (TypeSETit)
  176. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Monticello (Linotype)
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  179. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Maracay (John Moore Type Foundry)
  180. [REQUEST] Borgstrand Family Pro (Fountain)
  181. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Trim Poster (Letters from Sweden)
  182. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Moshun (HypeforType)
  183. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Avanth (Noem9 Studio)
  184. [REQUEST] Calavera (CocijoType)
  185. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Franklin Gothic (URW++)
  186. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Samantha Script (Laura Worthington) 2011 Complete
  187. [REQUEST] Henny (Driemeyer Design) 2012
  188. [REQUEST] Augustin (Ludwig Type)
  189. [FONT ID COMPLETED] New Identify Font (Hand drawn)
  190. [REQUEST] New Hotinok 2D (2D Typo)
  191. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Historism Border 2D (2D Typo)
  192. [REQUEST] Balcony Seats / Birch Beer / Bootblack / Brand X / Brushmark (Jeff Levine)
  193. [REQUEST] HARF77 (Marco Oggian)
  194. [REQUEST] Afterthought / Airliner / Aisle Seats / Anecdote / Arch Creek (Jeff Levine)
  195. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Contemporary typeface used for titles on album covers
  196. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Penny / Roman Wells / Roman X (Wooden Type Fonts)
  197. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Aetna JY Pro (JY&A)
  198. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Aetna (Wooden Type fonts)
  199. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Flows Stencil (Okaycat)
  200. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Astrum Heart (Fontex) + Bodonian Script (Wiescher)
  201. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF Enzo (FontFont)
  202. [REQUEST] Joga (URW++)
  203. [REQUEST] Driekleur (Absolut Foundry)
  204. [REQUEST] Simplesse (Design Panoply)
  205. [REQUEST] Frolka / Pani Deco / Seebad Grado (Brendan Ciecko)
  206. [REQUEST] Wiescher Design Fonts Part 3 (Wiescher Design)
  207. [REQUEST] Wiescher Design Fonts Part 2 (Wiescher Design)
  208. [REQUEST] Wiescher Design Fonts Part 1 (Wiescher Design)
  209. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Domaine Text (Klim Type)
  210. U8 (Fatype)
  211. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Fun Fair (VirtueCreative)
  212. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Letra Pro Headline (Stawix)
  213. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Stylor JNL | Frisco Bay JNL | Van Wyck JNL (Jeff Levine)
  214. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lighthouse (Måns Grebäck)
  215. [REQUEST] Cannonball (Wiescher Design)
  216. [REQUEST PART COMPLETED] Bodoni Classic Free Style / Bodoni Comedia (Wiescher Design)
  217. [REQUEST] Alpha Delta (Wiescher Design)
  218. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Daphne Script (Ludwig Type)
  219. [REQUEST] Amaro Fleurie (Autographis)
  220. [REQUEST] Moyenage Sans™ (Storm Type Foundry)
  221. [REQUEST] Breathless (Wiescher Design)
  222. [REQUEST] Astrum Heart (Fontex)
  223. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Papas (Wiescher Design)
  224. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] SignDNA foundry fonts (SignDNA)
  225. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Animated Gothic (BA Graphics)
  226. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Nokie Brush, Butch, Kat Tail, Pan HMK (Hallmark)
  227. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mussica Antiqued (Corradine Fonts)
  228. [REQUEST] Tea Dance (Studio K)
  229. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Showbiz (Studio K)
  230. [REQUEST] Regency (Studio K)
  231. [REQUEST] Uno (Ahemt Altun)
  232. [REQUEST] Pincer De (Steve Hanzic)
  233. [REQUEST] Sterk (Ahmet Altun)
  234. [REQUEST] Smyrna (Ahmet Altun)
  235. [REQUEST] Calligra (Ahmet Altun)
  236. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Turquoise (Ahmet Altun)
  237. [REQUEST] Alleyn (AVP)
  238. [REQUEST] Jack Runner (Alterdeco)
  239. [REQUEST] Galette (Paragraph)
  240. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hounslow (Device)
  241. [REQUEST] Pani Deco /Frolka (Brendan Ciecko)
  242. [REQUEST] Lisbon (Colophon)
  243. [REQUEST] OldOpera (AlterDeco typefoundry)
  244. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Helium Serial (SoftMaker)
  245. [REQUEST] Hubertus Dings by Pawliński
  246. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tulipan (Calderon Estudio Type Foundry)
  247. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Barnboard (BA Graphics)
  248. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Some Scholtz Fonts (Scholtz Fonts)
  249. [REQUEST] Zombie Sunrise (Fonts of Chaos)
  250. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tally Text (Solotype)