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  1. [EBOOK] Thinking with Type - Ellen Lupton
  2. [EBOOK] How to Cheat in Flash CS3 The Art of Design and Animation in Adobe Flash CS3
  3. [EBOOK] Basics Design Layout, Second Edition - Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris
  4. The Art of Skin Shading
  5. How to Create a Geometric, WPAP Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator
  6. How To Create A Water Lily In Illustrator
  7. [EBOOK] Color Gamut Mapping bBy Ján Morovič
  8. [VIDEO] Color Management with Eddie Tapp
  9. [E-Book] Susan E Fawcett - Grassroots With Reading - Writer's Workbook (10th Edition)
  10. [EBOOK] Practical_Colour_Management
  11. [EBOOK] Color Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers
  12. [EBOOK] The Uncensored Family Guide To Vitamin D
  13. [EBOOK] The Elements of Typographic Style • version 3.0 • Robert Bringhurst
  14. Real World Print Production (TUTORIAL) EBOOK
  15. Digital Tutors - Facial Rigging for Games in 3ds Max 2014 With Delano Athias (TUTORI
  16. TUTORIAL Design Aesthetics for Web Design TUTORIAL
  17. Digital Tutors - Fundamentals of Caricature Drawing in Photoshop With Eddie Russell
  18. [EBOOK] Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up
  19. [EBOOK] The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself
  20. Photoshop User Sept 2012
  21. [EBOOK] USERS MANUAL Screen Plate Rite
  22. Best website(s) for researching different industries/sectors, and companies
  23. Bookkeeping! Best resources for learning basic book-keeping???
  24. [OTHER] Best book/s for Business Startup??
  25. Learning Capture One 7
  26. Universal Principles of Design, Revised and Updated
  27. Design Elements, Typography Fundamentals
  28. Calligraphic Styles
  29. Computer Arts - December 2013
  30. Photoshop Creative – Issue 107, 2013-P2P
  31. Mark Clarkson, "Photoshop Secrets of the Pros: 20 Top Artists and Designers Face Off"
  32. Jennifer Smith, AGI Creative Team, "Photoshop CC Digital Classroom"
  33. Typography Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Type in Graphic Design
  34. About French Revolution and graphic design
  35. [EBOOK] VUTEk Family of Products/Printer Safety Guide
  36. [PDF] 79 Essays (on design/life/misc)
  37. [BOOK PDF] Principles of Web Design
  38. [BOOK PDF] Graphic Design for the 21st century
  39. Color Theory
  40. Indesign Type Professional typographi with adobe indesign 2nd edition
  41. Logo design workbook
  42. Graphic design thinking process
  43. Design Elements ebook
  44. Graphically Speaking - A Visual A-z Guide For Better Designer-client Communication
  45. pequeño cerdo capitalista.
  46. The Form Of The Book - J. Tschichold
  47. VIDEO TUTORIAL Wacom tablets
  48. VIDEO TUT.Basics of typography - learn everything about fonts
  49. [EBOOK] Basics flexography
  50. [EBOOK] Flexo Prepress Technologies White Paper
  51. [EBOOK] FLEXO - flexographic aqueous, uv & eb varnishes
  52. [EBOOK] O'Reilly Photo Retouching with Photoshop A Designer's Notebook
  53. [EBOOK] O'Reilly Creating Photomontages with Photoshop A Designer's Notebook
  54. [EBOOK] The Smashing book 1
  55. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-8 Mastering Photoshop for web design
  56. [EBOOK] Computer-aided design package (Автоматизированное проектирование упаковки)
  57. [EBOOK] Technology platemaking processes (Технология формных процессов)
  58. [EBOOK] Containers and their production ( Тара и её производство)
  59. [EBOOK] Packaging Manufacture of PET
  60. [EBOOK] Really Good Packaging Explained
  61. [EBOOK] Package Design Workbook
  62. [EBOOK] Layout Essentials
  63. [EBOOK] Little Book of Big Packaging Ideas
  64. [EBOOK] Book: Forms, Folds and Sizes
  65. [EBOOK] Brand Identity Essentials
  66. [EBOOK] Evil by Design: Interaction Design to Lead Us into Temptation
  67. [EBOOK] Designing Information: Human Factors and Common Sense in Information Design
  68. [VIDEO] Free Illustrator LOGO design tutorials by Jay Dzananovich
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  70. [VIDEO] Tuts+ Premium: Typography Projects in InDesign
  71. Aftershot Pro: Non-destructive photo editing and management By Joachim Ziebs
  72. [VIDEO] TutsPlus PSD to WordPress Minimal Portfolio Theme
  73. [VIDEO] Tutsplus - Convert a Warm, Cheerful Web Design to HTML and CSS with Jeffrey Way
  74. [VIDEO] TutsPlus PSD to HTML5
  75. [EBOOK] Typography Ebook #4
  76. [EBOOK] Typography Ebook #3
  77. [EBOOK] Typography Ebook #2
  78. [EBOOK] Must Have! #1
  79. [EBOOK] Typography Ebook #1
  80. Does anybody have any good Type Design ebooks
  81. Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design
  82. Steven Heller, "The Graphic Design Reader"
  83. Design Elements, Typography Fundamentals
  84. Atlas of Graphic Designers by Elena Stanic and Lipavsky Corina
  85. [EBOOK] Jump Start Responsive Design (epub)
  86. [EBOOK] Implementing Responsive Design (PDF)
  87. [EBOOK] Vektorika issues 1, 2, 3 and 10
  88. [EBOOK] Rapid Viz (3rd edition)
  89. [EBOOK] Letterhead & Logo Design 4
  90. [EBOOK] (REQUEST) .htaccess Made Easy
  91. ECRM Reference Manuals
  92. William henry banks
  93. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-7 Professional Web Design
  94. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-6 Web Typography
  95. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-5 How to create selling e-commerce websites
  96. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-4 Mobile Design for iph and ipad
  97. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-3 Mastering Photoshop for web design
  98. [EBOOK] smashing-ebook-2 Sucecessful freelancing for web designers
  99. [EBOOK] Smashing-ebook-1 Professional Web Design
  100. [EBOOK] Thinking With Type, 1st ed. (Ellen Lupton)
  101. [EBOOK] Lightroom 5 Quickstart
  102. [VIDEO] Responsive Web Design Techniques – TutsPlus
  103. [EBOOK] Apple Magazine (October 2013)
  104. [EBOOK] Make Magazine 36 (2013)
  105. [VIDEO] Lynda: Artistic Painting with Illustrator Natural Media Brushes
  106. [VIDEO] Lynda: Print Production Essentials: Packaging
  107. [VIDEO] Video to Brain Photography 101 Video Tutorial
  108. [VIDEO] HTML5 for Beginners Learn by Video and Ebook-tG
  109. [VIDEO] Tutsplus - Introduction to Package Design with Nicki Hart
  110. [VIDEO] Lynda: InDesign CS6 to HTML
  111. [VIDEO] Lynda: Up and Running with Bootstrap 3
  112. [EBOOK] Adobe Illustrator On Demand By Steve Jhonson
  113. [EBOOK] profi tip in print
  114. Fontshop Finalbook Typography
  115. Artioscad Training
  116. Learning Adobe Lightroom 5
  117. DigitalTutors-Getting Started with Python Scripting in Maya
  118. [other]HORIZON EF-35 - Service Manual
  119. [OTHER] PTR 8200 Service Manual (Niagara)
  120. [EBOOK] [Filling Request] Big Book of Font Combinations
  121. [EBOOK] [Request] Logo Lounge 7
  122. [EBOOK] (REQUEST) The big book of font combinations
  123. Service manual for bizhub c224 C234
  124. Service manual for bizhub c220
  125. [EBOOK] Service manual Designjet 10000s v2
  126. Pluralsight – Consuming Web Services and Using Local Storage on iOS
  127. Designing Type by Karen-Cheng
  128. [EBOOK] @antoinnes: I can´t reply on your Lightroom Tutorial request...
  129. Mindsy – Objective C for Beginners
  130. [VIDEO] I love cake design 1x07
  131. Epson Stylus Pro 11800 service manual
  132. [VIDEO] How To make complex security Design With corel draw
  133. [VIDEO] First rosette maker 1.2 Tutorial on Internet
  134. [VIDEO] A new jura Gs core Tutorial
  135. [EBOOK] Epson 9880 field repair guide+parts list
  136. [EBOOK] Managing the Design Process - Concept Development
  137. Advanced Photoshop – Issue 113 2013-P2P
  138. [VIDEO] How to make aura Effect With jura jsp
  139. Need photoshop tutorials..
  140. semiotics book
  141. [EBOOK] Ladislav Sutnar
  142. [OTHER] service manual Mimaki JV5_Maintenancel
  143. service manual Mimaki JV33_Maintenancel
  144. service manual HP T1100- T610- T series
  145. [OTHER] service manual epson pro 9880, 7880
  146. [OTHER] service manual epson pro 9880, 7880
  147. [REQ]: Lightroom
  148. [EBOOK] Documentation for Canon IR Advance
  149. [EBOOK] Library websites!
  150. [EBOOK] Structural Packaging by Josep Garrofe
  151. [EBOOK] Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer by Nick Papar (PDF)
  152. [EBOOK] Type Rules! The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography
  153. [OTHER] CG Workshops - Rapid Character Development for Online Games
  154. [EBOOK] The Art of Composition
  155. [OTHER] Zuzka's - ZCUT Power Cardio Series 3 Dvd-Set
  156. [OTHER] Tuts+ Premium - Digital Figure Drawing - Beyond the Basics
  157. [OTHER] video2brain - Green Screen Intensive - English FIX
  158. [OTHER] Business Mastery Bootcamp with Henry Kaye
  159. [OTHER] Basic 3D Training - 3D Light Master Videos
  160. [EBOOK] Visual Grammar
  161. [EBOOK] Universal Principles of Design
  162. [EBOOK] Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation
  163. [EBOOK] Perspective Drawing Handbook
  164. [EBOOK] Andrew Loomis books
  165. [EBOOK] Figure drawing - design and invention
  166. [EBOOK] Vector basic training
  167. [EBOOK] Basic photography composition
  168. [EBOOK] The anatomy of type
  169. [OTHER] TutsPlus - Techniques for Refactoring Code
  170. [OTHER] Tools4d - Vray for Cinema 4D Vol 2
  171. [OTHER] MaxCookie - 3DS MAX Working with Ocean and Fluids
  172. [OTHER] Level Design Basics in Unity
  173. [OTHER] fxphd - HOU202 Intermediate Techniques for Houdini TDs
  174. [OTHER] Digital Tutors - Building a Logo for a Law Firm in Illustrator
  175. [OTHER] Digital Figure Drawing - Beyond the Basics
  176. [OTHER] CG Workshops - Python in Houdini
  177. [OTHER] Basic 3D Training - 3D Pin-Up Master Create Hot Renders Of 3D Women
  178. Designing Type
  179. [OTHER] TutsPlus Photoshop Essentials with Howard Pinsky
  180. [OTHER] Pluralsight - Microsoft Test Manager 2012
  181. [OTHER] Pluralsight - HTML5 From Scratch
  182. [OTHER] Maya Dynamics Breaking Ground
  183. [OTHER] KelbyTraining Fantasy Portraits with David Cuerdon
  184. [OTHER] KelbyTraining Creating Digital Makeup Effects in Photoshop
  185. [OTHER] Kelby Training Edgy Photography From Photo Shoot to Photoshop
  186. [OTHER] Kelby Training - An Expert Guide to Street Photography
  187. [EBOOK] Layout Workbook
  188. [EBOOK] 1,000 Type Treatments - From Script to Serif, Letterforms Used to Perfection
  189. [EBOOK] The Fundamentals of Typography - Ambrose & Harris
  190. Designer's Guide to Mac OS X Tiger
  191. [EBOOK] G raphic D esign for the 21st Century: 100 of the World's Best Graphic Designers
  192. [EBOOK] S ixties D esign
  193. [OTHER] VTC - FileMaker and PHP Foundations
  194. [OTHER] Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S Bogdanovich
  195. [OTHER] Intermediate to Advanced Techniques in V-Ray for Softimage and Maya
  196. [EBOOK] S.manual for Kyocera
  197. [OTHER] InfiniteSkills - Editing Video and Animation with Adobe Photoshop by Jeff Sengstack
  198. [OTHER] INE - CCNA Nerk Associate Course (640-802) with Brian McGahan
  199. [OTHER] Digital-Tutors - Creating a Gasoline Explosion in Maya
  200. [OTHER] creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Children's Posing Guide (3 Days)(2013)
  201. [OTHER] creativeLIVE - Mastering TTL Flash
  202. [OTHER] CBTNuggets-Juniper Nerks Certified Specialist Security (JNCIS-SEC)-JNO-332
  203. [EBOOK] How to Cheat in PS CS6: The art of creating realistic photomontages
  204. [EBOOK] Drawing Now by Tracy Tracy
  205. [OTHER] Gnomon Training - The Art of 'PULSE'
  206. [OTHER] fxphd - VFX201 VFX Foundations I
  207. [OTHER] fxphd - MDO101,MDO102 Introduction to Modo
  208. [OTHER] Daz3D - Luxus Pro Training
  209. [OTHER] Wireshark Nerk Forensics & Security With Tools
  210. [OTHER] video2brain - InDesign CC - Training
  211. [OTHER] video2brain - Core Data for iOS-Entwickler
  212. [OTHER] Nicheology Profit System
  213. [OTHER] Kelby Training - Speed of Light Motorcycle Photography
  214. [OTHER] Hack-proofing Your ASP NET Web App Development
  215. [OTHER] Davina - Super Body Workout
  216. [OTHER] creativeLIVE - Working with Text in Photoshop CS6
  217. [OTHER] creativeLIVE - Getting Up Close and Personal with Brushes
  218. [OTHER] Aerobarre
  219. [EBOOK] The Little Black Book of Design
  220. Frankie magazine 07&08 2013
  221. [EBOOK] Frankie magazine 05&06 2013
  222. [EBOOK] Graphic Design Cookbook
  223. [EBOOK] Type Form Function
  224. [EBOOK] [ROCKPORT] 1000 More Greetings
  225. The Brand Gap - Martey Neumeier
  226. [EBOOK] Documentation for Canon IR Advance C2020-C2025-C2030
  227. TutsPlus Digital_Painting_for_Concept Art
  228. [OTHER] Visualarium - Creature Design R2 Learn All The Tips & Tricks Of The Pros
  229. [OTHER] VilppuAcademy - Drawing Essentials
  230. Digital art master vol4-5
  231. Digital art master vol1-3
  232. [OTHER] Pluralsight - Introduction to MongoDB
  233. [OTHER] InfiniteSkills - Learning OS X Mountain Lion Server
  234. [EBOOK] The Designer's Guide to Doing Research
  235. [OTHER] Pluralsight - Introduction to MongoDB
  236. [OTHER] InfiniteSkills - Learning OS X Mountain Lion Server
  237. [OTHER] Eat3D - ZBrush 4R2 And R3 New Features A Comprehensive Overview
  238. [OTHER] creativeLIVE - Approximately 10 Photoshop Things You May Not Know About
  239. [OTHER] CreativeLIVE Vision Driven Photography with David duChemin [2010,WEBRip,ENG]
  240. [OTHER] creativeLIVE Practical Creative Effectsin Photoshop CS6
  241. [OTHER] creativeLIVE Photoshop Unscripted Q&A
  242. [OTHER] creativeLIVE Dramatic Post-Production with David Nightingale
  243. [OTHER] ZBrushWorkshops Anatomy 2 0 R2 - Master Anatomy with Ryan Kingslien
  244. [OTHER] Visualarium - Character Sculpting With Kris Costa
  245. [OTHER] VFXlearning Intro to Maya for Effects
  246. [OTHER] Tutsplus - Advanced Command Line Techniques
  247. [OTHER] Tuts Premium - Realistically Integrate a CG Car Into Your Footage
  248. [OTHER] Truefire - 50 Hard Rock Guitar Licks You Must Know (2013)
  249. [OTHER] The Gnomon Workshop-Concept Design (Vol 1-4)(2013)
  250. [OTHER] The Genius Of Photography With David Byrne