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Thread: How can I use the full glyphs of a font?

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    How can I use the full glyphs of a font?

    For example, the font Aire (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/argentina-lian-types/aire/) here, in this picture

    we can see a very beautiful typography, but when I type it in Photoshop, it looks plain, like the web font only :(. I've tried the Character windows, choose Open Type and enable some features (?) like Standard Ligatures or etc. but it doesn't look the same, even if I typed the same text :(
    I really want to know how to use the full glyphs of a font and I hope someone would show me how :) Thanks in advance

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    In Adobe Illustrator, you can access the entire glyphs of a typeface from the glyphs palette. This is located in the top menu under Type > Glyphs. You can also explore OpenType contextual possibilities and alternates from the OpenType palette. The OpenType palette is available as a tab at the top of the type palette, but can be reached by going to the top menu and navigating to Window > Type > OpenType as well.

    In Adobe Indesign, the glyphs palette can be reached from the top menu by navigating to Type > Glyphs. There are Opentype possibilities accessible from the character palette as well. To get to the contextual substitutions go the upper right corner of the character palette and navigate through the drop down menu.

    In Adobe Photoshop it is a little trickier. There is no glyphs palette, but you can copy and paste type from Adobe Illustrator, or you can play around with the OpenType options available from Photoshop's character palette. As in InDesign, these options are accessible through the OpenType heading in the upper right drop down menu of the character palette.

    Note that OpenType access will only work for OpenType fonts. If you are trying to get to glyphs that are hiding in other font formats, you will need to use the glyphs palette in Illustrator or Indesign or some similar equivalent. In terms of the latter, there are native character viewers in many operating systems, and other 3rd party programs are available solely for this purpose.

    Hope that helps!
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    In illustator go up to the top menu and drop down type, there will be a glyph option. This will open the full choice for whichever font you currently have running

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    You can always use the old school ALT+ keycodes!

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