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I'll probably get shit for saying this but- Why the heck is Helvetica SOOOOO popular? I don't get it. I mean if you are saying, Helvetica & Papyrus (eeeeewww) is all we got, /those were the only two fonts in the world-- Then ok, I would worship it too! But there are millions of fonts out there. Why is it so special?

Helvetica saved me dozens of times. Every single time I was lost and I didn't know what font to use, I slapped Helvetica and it worked for the customer. Was it a flyer, business card, poster, logo, whatever. I'm 100% sure that thousands of people were in that same situation. I also didn't like its overuse, but in the end I realized that I'm glad that such font exists because it's not always what you want, but what customer wants and many of them don't know what they want and they choose something neutral as much as possible.