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    PrintRoot Forum Rules

    Any members in violation of these rules will be kicked / temporarily or permanently banned. So don't risk it and take a moment to read them.
    1. The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH.
    2. Please post in relevant sections. Posting in wrong section more than twice will get an warning.
    3. No topic hijacking (going off topic). Respect other members threads.
    4. Bumping threads is not allowed.
    5. Flaming, Spamming, Rudeness, Racism, Discrimination will not be tolerated.
    6. No Advertising of Websites, Blogs, Money Making Schemes, Trading of goods, and or referrals.
    7. You may not have links advertising any other websites within your post/signature. If we are found to have an external link within your signature then your signature will be deleted and you will be issued a warning.
    8. Information is crucial so always add it to Your post (screenshots, if available, as well).
    9. All links within your post must be coded internal and external links.
    10. If You want to add a reply to Your topic, please use the EDIT button instead of making double-posts.
    11. Posting torrent, edk2k, magnet links are NOT welcome, Please avoid posting those.
    12. Do not post fake downloads. you might get immediate ban.
    13. Do not post hacking utilities flooders, spam tools, Virus making tools/tutorials, or anything that can do damage.
    14. Do not post TRIAL/DEMO versions as they are easy to find.
    15. Surveys are strictly forbidden. If you post a link or password that requires a user to fill out a survey you will be banned immediately.
    16. All Requests must be in appropriate section or they will be trashed.
    17. You must comply with all of the rules above while using PM, Avatar, Signature functions.
    18. Arguing, swearing, Insulting, and or criticizing any staff member will get you an immediate Warning.
    19. Political or Religious debates are not allowed.
    20. direct linking to images or any other content from developer/publisher sites is not allowed, take the time to download and reupload the images to tinypic,imageshack or any other image hosting service, failure to comply may result in a ban
    21. Do not mini-mod. We encourage and thank members to use the report button. Report dead links by clicking this icon in the post
    22. First check links and then post. If you post Mass of Dead Links, you will be Warned!
    23. Do not spam. If purposely registering on this board to advertise 'pills' and such...Immediate Ban!!
    24. When posting downloads, information must be given about the download (image and or info). Not just the download link
    25. Double post isn't allowed, unless Its to Update a Thread.
    26. Do not double post with same links that are already posted. (Remember?...the search feature?)
    27. Link Protection isn't allowed!
    28. Duplicate post with same links not allowed.
    29. If you downloaded something, thank the poster for their efforts. Just click on Thanks button instead of replying with "Thanks!".
    30. It is strictly forbidden to publish any serials and keys to programs in the public view! In this case you will be banned. The correct way to do it is to create a text file with all that info, upload it on any file-exchange server and give us the link to download. Check files for possible online threats (viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers) before posting.
    31. Duplicate accounts are not allowed.
    Notice:The Moderators/Administrators of this forum take no responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of reading and/or downloading anything from this forum.
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