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Thread: Typefaces that feature parenthesis in small caps?

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    Typefaces that feature parenthesis in small caps?

    I am currently typesetting an academic book and I'm looking for serious book typefaces, especially those that feature parenthesis in small caps.

    I am specifically referring to the ones that are flush when placed next to small caps text— like this example set in the Miller Typeface (Font Bureau)

    Using regular parenthesis, looks out of place— like this example set using the Brill Typeface (Tiro Type), which unfortunately does not seem to feature small caps parenthesis:

    So far, I have identified only the Miller family (Font Bureau, 1997), amongst serious book faces, as having a set of parenthesis in small caps.

    Do you happen to know of any other typefaces that have this feature?

    Thank you!
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    A lot

    Many of the high quality (mostly) serif typefaces contain small caps parentheses. Some even have parentheses for their entire superscript alphabet.
    Just to name a few Academica, Renard, Korpus, Tiempos, Antwerp,
    The list is long!

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