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Thread: 'Name' Table Structure - Problem

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    'Name' Table Structure - Problem


    I've installed a font on my Mac and in the font validation window says that it has a 'name' table structure problem.
    Can anyone tell me what that is?


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    Generally, this is an issue where an entry in one of the various name fields or tables; such as Post Script Name, Family Name, Style Name, Full Name, OT Name Table, etc.; either: has a missing or conflicting entry; has an entry or character that Font Book chokes on; or has a genuinely corrupted entry.

    Most of the time, these fonts will work fine on your computer and you will not see any difference, but depending on what is missing or giving the hiccup, there could be an issue where it will not work for you.

    I generally leave them alone and run with them, as I have only every gotten a hiccup once despite having used dozens of fonts with the name table structure problem.

    However, if you feel the need to try to fix it, one way to try to fix the font file is to regenerate it in a font editor (FontForge, FontLab, etc) or run it thru a conversion program (TransType, FontXChange, etc). Sometimes simply generating it as is, no changes, into the same format will fix the problem. This usually will "normalize" the font and the programs will tidy things up and rewrite the naming table-hopefully sans problem.

    Other times, if it is really "corrupted" you may find success in going thru all of the naming fields and tabs similar to the various font family packing tutorials floating around, and making sure they seem correct before regenerating the file.

    Hope this helps.

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