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Thread: Ge.tt not working

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    Ge.tt not working

    I'm finding that nothing from them will download. Is everyone else having problems?

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    I can use it, but there is a warning about something about a virus.

    "We have unfortunately been hit by a download ban, imposed on us by certain browser vendors due to the fact that some malware files uploaded by our users escaped our ever-vigilant virus scanning algorithms.

    We are working hard on bringing back our trust-ratings to a safe level to remove this ban, but meanwhile users, like yourself, using Google Chrome and Firefox will be faced with a warning when downloading from our site.

    Meanwhile, there are several ways you can work around this:

    Click past the security warnings
    Disable security warnings in Chrome or Firefox
    Install and use Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer

    Only download files from users that you trust, and please refrain from uploading malicious files to our site."

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