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Thread: Ecclesiastic Fonts

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    Ecclesiastic Fonts

    Any font suggestions for a formal church publication?

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    Without knowing more information such as the overall Feel of the publication such as Modern vs Traditional, Clean vs Handforms, flyer/book/program, etc., here are some fonts I would be looking at for a Church Publication:

    Urge Text by Schizotype - Great for text, Awsome Italic, Options for Body & Headlines
    Oxtail by MAC Rhino Fonts - Great little details, True Upright Italic gives body text a modern yet calligraphic-ish punch.
    Leksa by Alexandra Korolkova - Great Classic Font
    Baskerville or Mrs. Eaves - Great Classic Fonts that def. sway on traditional side. Never go wrong with either of these. Mrs. Eaves ligatures, alts and italics make it very versatile while still being very traditional minded (prob. why its popular for wedding invitations)

    Messenger by Canada Type - Great Modern Calligraphic Great for headlines and sidebars. For me, has an upbeat/uplifting feel.
    Essay Text - Great body font with Calligraphic Feel to it.
    Lazurski by Paratype - Great calligraphic with a Garamond feel to the shapes, tho a bit understated. Could work well as body font
    Fine Gothic by Fine Fonts - Great Blackletter that is not too blackletter, but just enough, great for headlines and Side bars, could work in body as emphasis or as alternative to bold/small caps with the right complimentary body font.

    Adhesive Nr. Seven - My (current) all time favorite blackletter, def. a modern interpretation but can work very well in traditional setting.
    19th Century Retro by Matthias Luh - If you really want to push it old-style, this is really a great font for it. Pretty legible, but def. has that antique bible feel to it.
    Shodo Gothic by Mirco Zett - Again, modern twist on calligraphy/blackletter tho it is asian calligraphy inspired, I feel a bit of hebrew letter form inspiration myself.

    Martin Gothic by URW++ - Sans Serif that I think would work well with several of the fonts above. Def. has some old style details, but still very modern & legible sans serif.

    Hope these give you some inspiration or ideas.

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    ITC Weidemann

    Post Antiqua

    Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch

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