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Thread: Creative Font Bundle 2

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    Creative Font Bundle 2

    Well guys, I am at it again...this time with a new bundle of commercial fonts. While I am sure that some of these are available in other threads, this bundle also includes webfonts and bonus vectors.

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    Enjoy! And a thanks would be nice...over 1,500 downloads on the other bundle I posted, and nowhere near 1,500 thank you's. And seriously, if you don't have the number of required posts to download the bundle, don't ask me to make an exception.

    Bundle Includes The Following Fonts:
    Bulgary by Artimasa
    Casually by Artimasa
    Heyzilla Family by Artimasa
    Nabila by Artimasa
    Aaron Script by Seniors
    Everglow Script by Seniors
    Shepia Script by Seniors
    Shintia Script by Seniors
    Armament by Twicolabs Design
    Black Velvet 2 by Twicolabs Design
    Dublin Typeface by Twicolabs Design
    Lifer by Twicolabs Design
    Stump Font Family by BoweryStudio
    Athena vintage font by BoweryStudio
    Picaso font by BoweryStudio
    Close hand made by BoweryStudio
    Ice Cube Font by BoweryStudio
    So Brush by BoweryStudio
    Bear & Loupe by BoweryStudio
    Rinoshare font family by BoweryStudio
    Monday by Seruput
    Bringin Script by Seruput
    Hardline Font Bundle by Seruput
    Transmetal Font by Seruput
    Purbacala Typeface by Seruput
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