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Thread: PitStop PRO 12 + Crack

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    PitStop PRO 12 + Crack

    PitStop PRO 12 | 264 MB

    PitStop Professional - is the best tool prepress checks , auto-correction and editing of the PDF. It is designed as a plug-in Adobe Acrobat and has dozen built-in profiles Enfocus PDF Profiles, designed to test the key attributes of PDF- files and automatic correction of standard errors.

    PitStop Professional provides a comprehensive set of interactive tools for editing and verification of documents PDF, providing full control over text, image , color and other attributes. Global Change function allows you to make corrections at the level of individual pages or the entire document and Action Lists to automate routine tasks . The editing tools included in the package PitStop Professional, helping to make corrections at any stage of training and re- use existing documents in order to regulate the circulation of documents in PDF. Integrated profiles PDF Profiles provide automatic correction of more than a hundred of critical errors in the files in PDF. You can test files for compatibility with the latest specifications PDF, track changes , compare versions , and roll back to a previous version of a file , and much more .

    PitStop Pro Features
    * Edit PDF- files.
    * Global changes in volume or multiple files in PDF.
    * Customizing automatic changes throughout the document.
    * Insert the covers , renumbering pages , converting colors.
    * Pre-press inspection of documents ( fonts , colors, objects).
    * Support for standards such as the format of PDF / X, the specification Ghent PDF Workgroup, user profiles .
    * Generate reports on preflight, containing a list of all the problems.
    * Navigation with automatic error correction .
    * Display information about the authors and the types of changes made to a document.

    Some features in PitStop Pro:
    * Provide detailed and accurate processing of colors. PitStop Pro offers new advanced color processing tools simple , fast and straightforward way . You can use the automatic selection of PitStop Pro or choose yourself using an extensive array of colors.
    The palette of colors enhanced to add color and intuitively find and save specific colors as favorites. It allows you to import color libraries with support for Pant Plus Libraries.
    The coverage area of ink spread by treating the substantially transparent , print settings , overlapping items and layers repetitive . Various tools allow you to check the ink coverage , including various parameters . Can apply the correction of black dots using Little CMS or Adobe CMM. Originally installed base color preferences easily changed to suit your needs.
    * Manager of a multi-user development environment. Ability to set batch of licenses in PitStop Pro allows you to centrally manage and standardize pre- installed multi- media development .
    You can choose at its discretion action lists , profiles, pre-press , global settings , workspaces , color settings , etc. or set them forcibly under the policy of the organization. Centralized license management allows you to install a copy of PitStop Pro to any number of jobs within the local nerk, but only a certain number can be used simultaneously.
    * Improved functionality according to user feedback . Implemented a wide range of typical user queries according to the numerous requests that come directly from major customers and show how well the software works and what needs improvement .
    * Global changes . The new version of PitStop Pro implemented the ability to add amendments adopted in all other documents. You can make the export and share data with all users. A new option allows you to create PDF optimization small PDF- files, including removing image data outside edge trimming .
    * Action Lists . With automatic selection (AND / OR / NOT) is easier to create and correct Action Lists . Dragging and reset functions , as well as the import of the list of actions carried out do the job much more efficiently. Group data in the action list improves visibility and allows you to logically structure and comment the different actions .
    * Improvement of the functional. New features of design , management and governance , added more graphical elements. Selecting fonts allows you to find and add the fonts . Optimized user interface makes the work more quickly and efficiently .

    Platform : Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    ~ PitStop PRO 12 + Crack

    WEB academy soon

    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.


    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.

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    Any Mac version with medicine?

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