Manroland Advanced PECOM - A006A2


On the CD-ROM PECOM Network Products you will find the following programs:

Job management - to prepare and manage printing press jobs.

Management of master data - to save frequently used data for a more efficient job preparation.

Monitoring of machine park - to inform you of the progress of the job and the current operating status of the presses.

Production log - to inform you of the production data and the operating status of a press during a certain period of time.

PrepressLink - to analyze the digital prepress stage data for ink slide presetting on the press.

PECOM-ServerNet - to manage data in the network.
PressLink - interface of the press.

ScannerLink - interface of the EPS (Electronic Plate Scanner).

ManagementLink - interface between PECOM-ServerNet and Production-Planning-System.

Licence - to manage licences.
Installer only, help files included. (It is not easy to install it on new Windows, but some tricky steps and it is possible)
Sorry no .lic licence files included
(I have promised to my friend that I will not share them, it is registrated to printshop company name)

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