Enfocus PitStop 10 Mac Os X | 301 MB

PitStop Pro 10 offers new and improved tools to handle color issues in an easy, fast and straightforward way. Allow PitStop Pro to make a good choice for you or decide yourself and use the extensive set of color features.

The Color Picker has been redesigned to add and find spot colors intuitively, but also to save specific colors to your favorites. It allows you to import color libraries and has support for new Pantone Plus® libraries.

Ink coverage preflight has been extended significantly through handling transparency, overprint settings, overlapping items and layers. Also the Eyedropper allows you to inspect the ink coverage manually including these different parameters.

You can use black point compensation with Little CMS or Adobe® CMM.

PitStop Pro 10 comes with a Workgroup Manager for floating volume licenses, which enables you to centrally manage and standardize presets in multi-user environments.

You can share Action Lists, Preflight Profiles, Global Changes, Workspaces, color settings, etc. or enforce them as policies throughout your organization. The PitStop Workgroup Manager manages Floating Licenses in a centralized way and allows copies of PitStop Pro to be installed on any number of terminals within a local area network but only a certain number can be used simultaneously.

Enfocus You First

A wide range of feature requests from customers have been implemented, as Enfocus strongly believes the customer comes first.

Feature requests such as RGB in 0-255, moving objects over larger distances easily, etc., come directly from our user base and are valuable to Enfocus. They show us how you use the software and how we can make your life easier.

Faster and easier in every respect for every users

Working faster is all about enabling you to find what you need faster and helps you on your way as much as possible. The following additions are targeted at making your life easier.

Global Changes

Can now also be included in QuickRuns to apply changes throughout entire documents.

Can directly be exported and shared with others

A new ‘Global Change’ has been added: Optimize PDF. It creates small PDF files including removing image data outside of a clipping mask.

Action Lists

By automatically highlighting the selections an operator (AND/OR/NOT) applies to, it will be easier to create and correct Action Lists.

Drag-and-drop functionalities and importing existing Action Lists allow you to work faster.

Grouping actions in an Action List improves the overview and allows you to logically structure and comment the different actions.

More user enhancements

The Design Layout setup and management of page boxes and guides have been enhanced, offering much more graphical features.

Search functionalities on the Font Picker make it easier to add and find the right fonts.

You only need one click to execute QuickRuns, which are now also exchangeable and shown through an optimized user interface.



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