callas pdfToolbox 5.4.156 is out!

Today callas pdfToolbox is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight and correction application on the market. Problem files can be fixed during preflight or with a click of the button in the Switchboard. Flattening transparency, converting fonts to outlines, inserting trim and bleed boxes to match printer marks, converting office documents or even PostScript files directly into PDF, comparing versions of PDF files, visualizing ink coverage… no task is too difficult for callas pdfToolbox.


Polish language support for Desktop version
PDF/A-3 Support
Force Conversion for conversion to PDF/A
New and enhanced Profiles
Convert to PDF/A-1a, -1b
Convert to PDF/A-2a, -2b, -2u
Convert to PDF/A-3a, -3b, -3u
Verify compliance with PDF/A-3a, -3b, -3u
Scale pages to A4 if not larger than A3
New Fixups
Repair invalid bookmark hierachies [CA1020567]
Repair invalid ToUnicode-cMap information in fonts
Convert pages into images
Create invisible text copy for all text
Set relationship entry for embedded files
New Checks
Several checks added for all aspects of PDF/A-3


Distance to Trimbox now also finds object which are clipped by MediaBox [CA1021008]

Downsample/Compress Color/Grayscale Images: SoftMaskImages will also be downsampled to reduce filesize [FP17392]
Downsample/Compress Bitmaps: Problem solved where images may be inverted in special cases [FP17179]
Increase line width: Problem solved where line width increased unexpected in some PDF [CA1019299]
Convert colors: Problem solved where text may vanish after processing [FP17248; FP17258]
Convert colors: Problem solved where not all spot colors were converted to CMYK in some cases [FP16446]
Convert colors: Problem solved where RGB left in document after conversion to grayscale [CA1020837]
Set MediaBox to origin: Improved handling of SmoothShade objects [CA1021035]

Improved handling of PDF-Version during impositioning using desktop version [FP16876]

Problem solved where color ressources were listed twice [CA1020718]

PDF/X-4 conversion: Invalid XMP Metadata on object level will be removed to ensure conversion [FP5935]
Increased stabillity duing verification of PDF/VT-1 files
Improvements for PDF/E conversion profiles [CA1020741]

Problem solved where visualizer did not recognized image resolution properly [CA1021020]
Improved Ink coverage view in visualizer [CA1021000]
Office conversion: Problem solved where MS-Office macro-settings were not respected [FP7255]
Added special Japanese imposition sceme [CA1020651]

Action “Merge PDF”: Problem solved where incorrect structure root in source PDF might cause an error [FP16526]
Action “Merge PDF”: Improved handling of existing bookmarks from souce PDF [FP17606]
Action “To PDF”: Problem solved where dimension of EPS file were not properly handled [CA1020621; FP17222]
Action “Compare”: Problem solved where given pagerange were not respected [CA1020981]
Action “Compare”: Problem solved where option “images” may cause modification of original file [CA1020978]
Action “Compare”: Problem solved where files with differences are not marked properly in some cases [FP17353]
Action “Implode”: Problem solved where ID of profile was not changed [CA1020920]
Action “Save as image”: Improved handling of file-extensions when processing multiple files [CA1020873]
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Win: [url][/url] [142 MB]