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Thread: Basiccolor Display 5.0.1 Patch

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    Basiccolor Display 5.0.1 Patch

    With the purchase of this basICColor display monitor cali bration and profiling software you have received a product that will allow you to take control of color repro-duction in your workgroup monitors. Along with creating an ICC-profile, proper calibration of workgroup monitors is a basic and indispensable requirement for accurate color reproduction. Both CRT and LCD flat screen monitors can be profiled and calibrated with this software. Either manually, using the computers video card’s Video LUT, or automatically via hard- ware calibration (only with supported displays).To maximize your color management results with basIC-Color display it is important to calibrate and profile all the components involved in the production process, including scanners and printers. By implementing basICColor display into your workflow, you will be able to offer your clients a digitally color-calibrated network that can produce accurate off-press proofs in order to achieve the best possible printed and published results.With basICColor display you have purchased an extremely powerful, yet user-friendly software that can resolve your company’s color management challenges.

    - basICColor DISCUS
    - basICColor SQUID
    - basICColor SQUID 2
    - basICColor SQUID 2 WG
    - basICColor SQUID 3
    - datacolor Spyder 2
    - datacolor Spyder 3
    - EIZO Swing
    - Monaco OPTIX XR
    - NEC SpectraSensor Pro
    - X-Rite DTP 94 USB
    - X-Rite Eye-One display
    - X-Rite Eye-One display 2
    - X-Rite Eye-One display 2 WG
    - X-Rite Eye-One display LT
    - X-Rite i1Display Pro

    - GL optic mini-spectrometer (Windows only)
    - Instrument Systems CAS 140CT (Windows only)
    - Konica Minolta FD-7/5
    - X-Rite Eye-One Pro
    - X-Rite Eye-One Monitor
    - X-Rite ColorMunki

    Display Color Analyzer:
    - Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-210

    Displays (hardware calibration):
    - Eizo CG 210
    - Eizo CE 210W
    - Eizo CG 211
    - Eizo CG 220
    - Eizo CG 221
    - Eizo CG 222W
    - Eizo CG 223W
    - Eizo CG 232W
    - Eizo CE 240W
    - Eizo CG 241W
    - Eizo CG 242W
    - Eizo CG 243W
    - Eizo CG 245W
    - Eizo CG 275W
    - Eizo CG 301W
    - Eizo CG 303W
    - NEC SpectraView 1980
    - NEC SpectraView 1990
    - NEC SpectraView 1990p
    - NEC SpectraView 2090
    - NEC SpectraView 2180
    - NEC SpectraView 2190
    - NEC SpectraView 2190p
    - NEC SpectraView 2490
    - NEC SpectraView 2490-2
    - NEC SpectraView 2690
    - NEC SpectraView 3090
    - NEC SpectraView Reference 2690
    - NEC SpectraView Reference 3090
    - NEC SpectraView Reference 21
    - NEC MultiSync P221W
    - NEC SpectraView 231
    - NEC SpectraView Reference 241
    - NEC SpectraView Reference 271
    - NEC SpectraView Reference 301
    - Quato Intelli Proof 190
    - Quato Intelli Proof 201
    - Quato Intelli Proof 213
    - Quato Intelli Proof 220 LE
    - Quato Intelli Proof 220 Excellence
    - Quato Intelli Proof 240 Excellence LED
    - Quato Intelli Proof 242 LE
    - Quato Intelli Proof 242 Excellence
    - Quato Intelli Proof 260 / 264 Excellence
    - Quato Intelli Proof 262 Excellence
    - Quato Intelli Proof 270 Excellence
    - Quato Intelli Proof 300 Excellence
    - Quato Intelli Proof 420 Excellence
    - Quato Proof View 700-42

    Displays (combined hard- and software calibration):
    - Apple monitors*
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 1980
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 1990SX
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 1990SXi
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2090UXi
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2180UX
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2190UXp
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2190UXi
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2490WUXi
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2490WUXi2
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2690WUXi
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 2690WUXi2
    - NEC MultiSync LCD 3090WQXi
    - NEC MultiSync LCD PA231W
    - NEC MultiSync LCD PA241W
    - NEC MultiSync LCD PA271W
    - NEC MultiSync LCD PA301W

    Displays (software calibration):
    - all other displays, LCD and CRT

    Other Devices:
    - basICColor diLIGHT
    - JUST Color Communicator 2
    - manroland Press Console


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    As far as I can see this is PC only - despite [PC MAC] in front of the title.
    If you have got MAC patch, will be great to share it with us.
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    This is not the patch, it is the freely available install file

    The title for this post is "Basiccolor Display 5.0.1 Patch". This is incorrect as the file in the download links is just the ordinary install file which anyone can download for free from the BasICColor website.

    Please be sure to use accurate titles for threads. The "Patch" in the title, would (clearly) indicate that file(s) being shared are the patch file(s) needed to enable permamnent use of the app.

    This isn't a patch at all, it is a completely new installation file, which is an update.

    Closing thread.
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