Quickly and easily crop a composition down to it's contents. It can crop based on the current frame, all frames or a mask you create. Auto Crop is a tool that allows you to quickly crop a composition using of three different methods: Auto Crop, Auto Crop Duration and Crop to Mask. It works quickly and accurately no matter what layer types are inside the composition.

Auto Crop Methods
Auto Crop
The first button, Auto Crop will look at the current frame of the selected pre-comp and resize it so that it fits the contents at the current frame. This will work for any type of layer, however it only takes into account layers that are visible. If a layer is turned off or its opacity is 0, it will be ignored when the crop takes place.

Auto Crop Duration
Similar to Auto Crop, however Auto Crop Duration look at every frame between the pre-comp's in and out point. This means that if there is any sort of animation within the composition, the Auto Crop duration will find its vertices and crop to those. Because auto cropping the duration looks at every frame, the cropping process could take a long time. A progress bar is shown on the screen to let you know how much has been completed. You are also able to cancel the cropping process.

Crop to Mask
Unlike the previous , Crop to Mask requires the user to give a mask for where the crop should happen. Masks must be rectangular and mask lines must be parallel to the rotation of the . If your layer has more then mask, an alert will come up asking which mask you want to use for the crop.

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