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What you wrote is not correct. You don't need a new license for MPE machines. Only MCE or GMCE machines need a license. Its possible for you to change the type of your machine. For example, if you have a Trendsetter Type "TS4_F" you can change it to a V-type with this command line within the first 2 minutes, when you boot up your machine:
config "password" "TS4_V"
Then you can increase your drumspeed. If you have some other parameters you want to change, but the Software tells you "value out of range", just type in "mask range" and try to change the value again.

So, if you tell me your type of machine, I can give you the command line that you need.
Any more questions about Trendsetter? Just ask me :-)
I need help for CreoKodak Lotem Quantum config password. My Lotem800II Quantum have TH2 problem. And I have spare TH2 head but it's non quantum head. Do you know for change config in service shell form Lotem 800 quantum to non Quantum Head. Or you can charge me for password . Thank in advance for your help.