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Thread: Tast Forms for CTP and quality control

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    Tast Forms for CTP and quality control

    Hey every,

    As title shows I'm interested in test forms for CTP. We are trying to implement more quality control in our platesetting process and this is what we currently do:

    1. Regularly measure pH values of developer
    2. Monitoring of temperatures in platesetter and CTP surroundings
    3. Calibrate halft t values frequently (we use Techkon SpectroPlate as measuring device)

    What I feel is that this is not enough for reviewing the real state halft reproduction throughout whole printing area of plate.

    I found FOGRA test form but for now budget for that is restricted :)

    My question is, can you recommend some alternative test forms, or do you have some for download. Also can you introduce me to useful literature in this topic and share your experience. For example how you visual inspect developed test forms, what is important to measure (except t values) ...

    Thanks a lot :)

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    1. Do you use wedge for exposure check? If not you need to buy this from Fogra. This is a must. Usually, this is included when you bought your CtP machine.

    2. Create 50% t across the plate for visual check-up. Check if the halft are even across the plate.

    3. You can also create uniformity test form. Put a step wedge in all corner of the plate and also at the center. A total of 9 step wedge in the plate. Measure all of it and find out if there are difference. Tolerance must be + or - 2%.

    Hope this helps.

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