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Thread: Screen 8100 problem

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    Screen 8100 problem

    I have Screen 8100 and i have problem with imaging file like on photo. This line in the same direction as the rotation of the drum.
    Imaging file: 8100.jpg 486 KB
    https://mega.nz/#!gMI3UYrC!RfqfI3lI1Zf_8jsTF5WcRLANT1g_mb8vGnUtkan 7lCE

    I make inside test (ch0-15 pattern) and it's ok:
    ch0-15 pattern.jpg 224 KB
    https://mega.nz/#!1AJ0QK6R!2MZkJGgjTkpBq1IWDAvJRA098laIqlMKzXXHs78 I1ak

    I check rip and this is not problem with rip.

    Did somebody have problem like this and help me.

    Thanks for all help.

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