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Thread: Need Help: Agfa Xcalibur and Apogee Installation

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    Quote Originally Posted by toy_down View Post
    What is OCT Console?
    Hello toy_down,

    where do you buy your CTP System Ebay
    Or do you have no dealer in your region.

    So OCT console is an MUST have, because it controls the X45.
    You have only 2 red button for the power.
    The OCT console runs on the Printdrive Server and/or on another workstation and is connected with a serial RS 232 cabel.
    So to let the X45 (also old Avalons from agfa wilmington) boot you do this with the oct console, also making the plate and density setup.
    Also controlling the plate density you need this software and it is for agfa service engineers, too.
    The software is free and normaly delivierd with the CTP System.
    Hope this help you
    Kind Regards and have a nice weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrApogee View Post
    Hello DoctorBlade,

    in my configuration I use the Printdrive with Apogeex.
    There is a console called xcalibur console this you have to install on a computer with the apis board and a serial connection to the xcalibur. Then start the console and boot the xcalibur and insert the plates do you want to have e.g. 1030x735mm.
    With the printdrive make a device with the devicemanger(Film/platesetter)
    In the media database insert the same plate sizes and names e.g. 1030x785mm. note there is a bug with inch and mm. the values must be exakt the same e.g. 1030,235mm x785,123mm. ( I insert the inch values also first than changing to mm.)
    Bring the xcalibur online in the PrintdrivePilot, if everything is ok you get a green button and in the mediatab all platesizes are recognized.
    Install the Printdrive Connection on your ApogeeX system with the installer and reboot apogeex. Insert the name of the Printdrive hostname in the printdrive configuration tab and reboot the Printdrive TP. You will get errors from ApogeeX to install the media you hade made in the Printdrive, follow the instructions.
    In the mediatab of the Printdrive TP you must now see the platesizes([email protected]), perhaps you have to install the sizes in the outputsizes tab.
    Note than you have to make a Punchcalibration,too!!!
    Have a look in the manuals, because it did this years a go(Not every day i need a new platesize.
    I hop that will help you

    Hi there ,
    for adding plate size in printdrive TP of Apogee , just restart printdrive TP from systemoverview , then in message board( bottom left corner blinking red light) , start to adding plate sizes by clicking on ADD bottun.

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    oct xcalibur

    should any provide oct link for xcalibur?

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