Hello every!

I own a Fuji Luxel V6 CTP device with associated Celebra RIP. I have a serious problem that is reflected in the following ..

When you I want to change the dimensions of the activ plate over Luxel dashboard , nothing happens, the window in which are written the dimensions of the plate that are currently active (plate which can be imaged) is not opening. I tried reinstalling the Luxel desktop software and Luxel server as well. Nothing has changed.

What is interesting is that the same thing is happening to the backup HD (disc image with complete system and software) that I made for situations like this. First time when I ccted it with computer it worked, but when I later restore the original disk on which the problem occurred, and returned the backup HD, I had the same problem. I also noticed that a diagnostic tool dont work (activated through the dashboard) and I can not make a log with errors. In addition, other functions are operating, it is possible to image the 5 plate sizes that are active.

The first question is of course whether maybe some has a solution to this extremely annoying problem?

Second question , is there any other way to change the active plate on CTP unit , except dashboard ?

Thank in advance ,