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Thread: Ecrm Image Shift

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    Ecrm Image Shift

    Recently our Stingray 63 imagesetter started shifting images to one side of the film. When we output a CMYK separation 63cm wide the Cyan image will image at the centre of the film the Magenta will shift around 1.5inches off center & so on until the image is partially off the media width.
    We cleaned the feeding rollers, lazy loop roller, checked belt tension, performed Spinner test.

    Spinner test results are as follows:
    99596, 99597, 99598 for min, average and max

    In the Spinner Variance test the Var 0 & Var 1 change every time we repeat the test 1st test Var 0=62864 Var 1=136 2nd test Var 0=62694 Var 1=306 3rd test Var 0=61950 Var 1=1050 Var 2,3 & 4 are always 0. Is this variation in the results normal.

    Has anyone experienced this problem, I really appreciate any help

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    Im not familiar with the stingray but we have ECRM machines which are Mako series.
    We had the same image shifting issues and this caused by Spinner Motor. it could be
    that the encoder on the spinner motor had a dirt. This cant be solve by cleaning it. Try
    to use other or replace the spinner motor and test it again.

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