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Thread: comparing the agfa, Fuji, kodak and konita digital plates

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    comparing the agfa, Fuji, kodak and konita digital plates

    Hi, does any have any information on the pros and cons of the above plates. Im looking in particular for info on the konita digital plate as I have heard there is a great improvement on the quality of the konita. Want to know how it compares with long runs as well as quality from batch to batch.

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    Hard to choose

    I've been researching on this subject too. The closest I came was the opinion of the manufacturers themselves.

    Konita digital thermal CTP offset plate:

    1) Application: For offset commercial color printing and newspaper printing, or sheet fed and web printing.
    2) Type: Infrared sensitive, positive working
    3) Substrate: Electrochemical grained, anodized and PAT sealing treated aluminium
    4)Exposure energy : 110-120mj/cm2
    5) Spectral sensitivity: 830nm
    6) Resolution: 1-99% @240lpi / 20u FM
    7) Run length: long, 150,000 or more without baking
    8) Working environment: Ordinary daylight
    9) Coating color : Blue

    1) Newly developed MultiGrain technology and Double-Coating technology
    2) Excellent t and dot reproduction
    3) Distinguished resistance to press room chemicals and scratches
    4) UV ink compatibility without the need for baking
    5) Easily-maintained ink/water balance
    6) Batch-to-batch consistency offering repeatable, predictable results

    1) Reducing plate processing chemistry is an easy way to both improve your business's sustainability and reduce costs. See how much you can save with KODAK TRILLIAN SP and ELECTRA XD Plates, or eliminate processing chemistry completely with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates.

    2) The RBS Group, a large newspaper printing group in Brazil, with eight daily publications, has been using the KODAK SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates to reduce costs, time to press, and environmental impact. In this testimonial, management and operators explain how by switching to the SONORA NEWS Plate, imaged on a KODAK GENERATION NEWS Platesetter, the group has been able to completely eliminate processing equipment and chemistry, which is in line with their environmental values as well as good for their business.

    3) Kodak's customer W.O. Js Ltd. of Anglesey, North Wales, prints with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates, which not only helps the company achieve its profitability and environmental goals, it's important to its print customers as well. In the video, W.O. Js and their customer, Anglesey Sea Zoo, a leading family attraction committed to conservation, discuss how SONORA XP Plates help reduce impact on the environment by eliminating processing chemistry from plate making.

    4) Kodak's press ready technology lets you take plates straight to press, with no costly and time consuming processing or clean out step. And with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates, you don't have to sacrifice the productivity and print capabilities of mainstream processed plates. Watch this video to see how press ready technology works.

    Agfa (Advantage N)
    1) Advantage N range comprises different models with different degrees of automation and throughput.
    2) Provides a portfolio that ranges from systems that are able to provide 75 through to 350 plates an hour using a violet laser.
    3) Violet-laser imaging provides fast and reliable platemaking, allowing you to meet tight deadlines.
    4) Short production cycle means editorial and advertising deadlines can be extended.
    5) Automation yields consistent quality, for less remakes and less wasted material.
    6) Simple design and fewer moving parts inside the system contribute to minimal maintenance requirements and less downtime.



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