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Thread: Color order in Prinect Metadimension

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    Color order in Prinect Metadimension

    Hello guys,

    When I open a project in Meta, and I go to preview mode, the colors from the right side of the page don`t appear in CMYK order. They appear in KCMY order and when the plate are written it will be the same order.

    I want to set the program to read CMYK order. I don`t know if the settings must be insert on Metadimension or in Signa Station.

    I attached a print screen to see what i`m trying to say.
    Sorry for not such a good english.

    Image: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByQC6v5UgYubYU5OT1c3MFNNUjA/edit?usp=sharing

    I don`t know why i can` upload it on the forum.

    I didn`t saw that is a forum for the software so i will repost my probleme there. Please delete this topic. Thanks and sorry.
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    Hi my friend

    You can set the color order in MetaDimension

    Resources>>Color handling
    Here you can creat or edit a color handling.
    to define a color seperation order, you chose the color, use the up or down arrow to move the color to position you want


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