Wild Style With Wil Power (2002)
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Genre: eLearning | Dance

This comprehensive guide to breakdancing is appropriate for eager learners of all ages. Starting with a tour of his native L.A., expert Wil Power shows aspiring breakdancers where the hottest action happens--on the streets. In a stunning display of their skills, Wil and his b-boy crew illustrate the slick moves that years of practice can produce.

Next, Wil takes viewers through moves ranging from the most basic to the very complex. After mastering classic staples like the Moonwalk, the Uprock, and the Battle Rock, viewers will be ready to move on to three- and six-step breaking moves.

Wil explains in detail how to get the foork right before advancing to Poppin', Hitting, Waves, and King Tuts. Demos also illustrate Freezin' techniques such as the Chair, Baby, and Elbow, methods of Hand Spinnin', the Back Spin, the Helicopter, and the Windmill. Extensive footage of actual breakdancing gives the viewer plenty of examples to work with. Performances by the breakdancing community's most popular dancers will inspire the novice to get out there and give it a try.

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