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The most ultimate training for Architects and 3D Artists. This training will teach you how to create Hyper realistic renderings. With our personal assistance you can learn our method that. The aim of the course is to give you full set of knowledge and all information for fast and successful visualization of any Exteriors. You can learn both: theory and practice.I will give you scenario for any kinds of work.

If you want to:

? Improve the skills of creating exterior visualizations.
? Get rid from unnatural looking vegetation.
? Forget about disproportionate objects.
? Understand the logic behind 3D scene illumination.
? Learn Cinematic and Architectural Camera positions/angles.
? Explore optimal Rendering parameters & Render Setups.
? Receive references photorealistic images with minimum time lost?

?.If you wish to learn this all and many other things quickly this Course is for you

Why necessary to make an exterior project in high quality standards?

It is not enough desire and knowledge of the program. The beautiful image is a combination of many parameters. This course will tell you what they should be and how to combine them. As always, will be not only theoretical, but also the practical information. We will make visualizations of your test and working projects. By the end of the course you can see all necessary things, which should be at the qualitative image without my help.

Besides you will have all materials to do the qualitative
pictures in the shortest terms ? glance in section of Bonuses.

The course contains all necessary ? text, graphic, video, reference information, examples, widespread errors and many other things.

What is the most important thing at visualization of Exteriors?

Correct combination of light, geometry, modeling, environments, compositions, post production work, cameras and many other things that are reflected in the content.
You will train your skills to do it automatically in a fastest and easiest way during this course.
Please read main course information here

How it was

In November, 2009 we have launched our first online VRay Exterior Training.
All communication passed trough the Internet. Practice has shown that such training is possible and extremely effective. Have been very inspired by successes of my students.
Their works have occupied the worthy place and received awards of top 3D Internet galleries.

We have d huge work. Dense dialogue and a feedback have reduced a physical distance to a minimum.
Correctly made and given out material stimulated training and did not allow it to be boring. It has been constructed in the form of dialogue. Any participant could ask a question and receive a straightforward irrefragable answer, applicable to its situation. Answers were accessible daily in Russian and English languages.

Training format

The program on visualization is calculated for 24 day. Training occurred online with daily return communication by mail to each student. I answered all questions and gave a feedback to each participant.
As a matter of fact it was individual training. Every has received as much information as it was necessary to him.

Each participant depending on preparation and desire to work has turned out to make or several own adjusted photorealistic scenes and renders with different light exposure and different filling.

I have spent 4 weeks in dense work with students. We have passed all stages step by step, I said what to do on each concrete step. I have shown how the successful visualizator should think and operate. We have disassembled real examples of exteriors of different complexity and styles, we have exchanged the experience.
Training passed from November 1-21.

The new version of Training

The Second advanced version of the course is now accessible.
This version is the latest and the best for today.

? Individual training is processed, improved and added now according to a feedback from the first participants.
? It is still is the most effective and full system of training on visualization of exteriors
? We have asked students what they would like to improve. We have collected answers and have improved.
? We added more than 500 images WIP of projects.
? You can track transformation of works.
? Most possibly errors you should know.

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