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Thread: Video Tutorials : After Effects CS4 video tutorial from Red Giant

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    Video Tutorials : After Effects CS4 video tutorial from Red Giant

    After Effects CS4 video tutorial from Red Giant | Size : 2.61 GB
    After Effects CS4 video tutorial from Red Giant
    Manufacturer : Red Giant Software
    Year : 2009
    Language : English
    Description : Lessons for the program Adobe After Effects using plugins Red Giant Software.
    Video Codec : Flash
    Video : MPEG4 Video (H264) 1024x768
    Audio : AAC 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps

    List of Lessons Episode 01: Binary Transition Part 1

    This episode shows you how to use Trapcode Form to create a dramatic transition where footage breaks into binary code, and re-forms as different footage.
    Episode 02: Binary Transition Part 2
    In this Episode, Aharon shows you how to improve on and finish the binary transition project by working with Time Remapping and Camera animation.Plus, see how Magic Bullet Looks and Trapcode Shine help add the finishing touches.
    Episode 03: Looping a Particle System
    In this Episode, you'll learn how to set up a seamless looping particle system.We'll be using Trapcode Particular and Starglow to create a stylized holiday snowstorm, but the concepts can be adapted for anything from backgrounds to lower 3rds.
    Episode 04: Better Compositing Techniques
    In this Episode, learn about compositing techniques that fall outside of keying.Using tools available for After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Vegas and Avid, you'll discover ways to improve the quality of your composite with less work.
    Episode 05: Controlling Time with Audio - Pt.1
    In this episode, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to use audio to control time.You'll learn how to make your video automatically move forward in time to the music's beat - a technique used in tons of music videos and commercials.
    Episode 06: Controlling Time with Audio - Pt.2
    In this episode, Aharon continues to explore how audio can be used to control time, but he expands on that by showing you how it can be used to change the look of the footage as well.
    Episode 07: Getting Better Control of Emitter
    In this Episode, we'll look at some very useful techniques for Trapcode Particular that will give you better control of emitter position in 2D and 3D.You'll also learn how to capture the motion of your mouse (or stylus) to control emitter position.
    Episode 08: Creating and Working with Complex 3D Projects
    In this episode, Aharon shares some tips for simplifying and working with 3D compositions.You'll also get a look at some cool tools designed to easily distribute and arrange layers in 3D space, and that help in creating complex 3D shapes.
    Episode 09: Creating a Watercolor Painting Look
    In this episode, Aharon shows you how to turn your video into an animated watercolor painting, and shares some techniques in varying the look and color.
    Episode 10: Creating Traffic Patterns
    In this episode, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create a realistic traffic pattern backdrop - great for a scene in which the camera overlooks a low lying, but developed area - perhaps looking down from a high hill onto a residential neighborhood.
    Episode 11: Form Face - Part 1
    Create a slick push pin toy effect as seen in the Radiohead "House of Cards" video.This tutorial shows you how to create an eye-popping 3D effect by combining regular footage with Red Giant's popular Trapcode Form plug-in.
    Episode 12: Form Face - Part 2
    In part one of this tutorial, Maltaannon showed us how to create an awesome push-pin 3D face, using Red Giant's Trapcode Form.In part two, he'll enhance the effect by going deeper into Form's properties, and doing some camera work.
    Episode 13: Compositing with Final Cut Pro for That Media Show
    In this Episode of Red Giant TV, John Flowers takes us behind the scenes of That Media Show to share his workflow for compositing in Final Cut Pro.
    Episode 14: Planning for Post in your Filmmaking Production Workflow
    Sundance acclaimed filmmaker / director Eric Escobar discusses the production process - scouting locations, casting, lighting, filming, and how one needs to plan for post production during these earlier steps.
    Episode 15: Better Compositing with Particles
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you a technique for placing layers inside the middle of a particle system - crucial to truly integrating your CGI effects with your live action footage or motion graphics.
    Episode 16: Better Compositing with Light Wraps
    In this Episode, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to get better compositing results with Light Wraps - an effect used to blend the background light and foreground elements more convincingly during a composite.
    Episiode 17: Color Grading in Final Cut Pro with Magic Bullet Looks
    In this Episode, award-winning director, Philip Bloom walks you through the process of color grading his film "Return to Dungeness" in Final Cut Pro, using Magic Bullet Looks.
    Episode 18: Compositing Tips from 'Greenscreen Made Easy'
    In this Episode, the Toolfarm's Michele Yamazaki shares a ton of great compositing tips from her new book, Greenscreen Made Easy.
    Episode 19: Creating a Transporter Effect
    In this episode, Chief Engineer Eran Stern works furiously to get his Starship's transporters back on-line to rescue a fellow crew member trapped on a hostile planet.But time is running out.Will Eran be able to build the transporter in AE in time?
    Episode 20: Creating a 3D picture Montage with Trapcode Particular
    In this Episode, Rob Birnholz shows you a great technique for quickly creating a 3D picture montage with Trapcode Particular.It takes just minutes to set up, but can save you hours of work.
    Episode 21: Creating a Text to Sand Transition
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create the effect of text (or a logo) dissolving to sand and blowing away.You'll also learn how to reverse the transition, so that sand forms into text.
    Episode 22: Creating a Summer Blockbuster Film Look
    In this week's episode, Sin City's Visual Effects Supervisor - and our new Creative Director - Stu Maschwitz, shows you how to get the Summer Blockbuster look seen in Transformers 2, Terminator: Salvation, and The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3.
    Episode 23: Peel-Away Vortex Transition
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create an insanely cool transition for text and other elements.This tutorial builds on RGTV Episode 21, where Aharon covered a text-to-sand transition, so make sure to check it out.
    Episode 24: An Introduction to Trapcode Particular 2
    In this Episode of Red Giant TV, Maltaanon returns with an introduction to the new features in Trapcode Particular 2.More than just an overview, you'll see several real-world examples that will help jump start your work with Particular 2.
    Episode 25: Creating a Crowd Scene with Particular 2
    In this rockin 'episode of Red Giant TV, Motion Designer Harry Frank shows you how to create a realistic crowd scene using Trapcode Particular 2.He'll also create a similar scene using Trapcode Form.
    Episode 26: Score!Working with Numeric Text
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz gives you some cool tips for working with Numeric Text, for things like video game scores and other digital readouts.No 3rd Party Plug-ins are used in this tutorial - Just straight After Effects.
    Episode 27: Building an Airport Scene - Part 1: Backplate
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Mathias Möhl shows you how to take footage of a parking lot, and turn it into the back plate for an airport scene.
    Episode 28: Building an Airport Scene - Part 2: Compositing
    In this episode of RG TV, Mathias Möhl continues his airport project.Learn how to motion track with Mocha For After Effects, and then to use that data along with his own MochaImport script to easily create a solid composite.
    Episode 29: Form Text
    In this Episode of Red Giant TV, Tim Clapham shows you how to use Trapcode Form to create some particle-based 3D text along with a cool transition on and off.
    Episode 30: 3D Motion Graphics Logo
    In this tutorial, Carl Larsen shows you how to create an array of 3D particles using Trapcode Form and Red Giant Plane Space to achieve a look that, under most circumstances, has been reserved for more complex, 3d applications.
    Episode 31: Creating an Old-School Sci-Fi TV Opening
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Chad Perkins shows you how to create various elements for use in a Twilight Zone-esque TV show opening, using After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D.Get ready to kick it old-school ...
    Episode 32: Feature Film Title Treatment
    In this episode of RGTV, Chad Bonanno shows you how he created the motion graphics titles for the feature film "Dreamgirls."These titles were also used in the broadcast ads and trailers for the award-winning film.
    Episiode 33: Creating a Death Eater Apparition Effect
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Michael Park shows you how to create the Death Eater Apparition Effect, as seen in the "Harry Potter" films.
    Episode 34: 3D Thunderstorm Scene
    In this episode of Red Giant TV, Freelance Designer Robert Hranitzky shows you how to take two still images and use them to create a realistic 3D Thunderstorm scene - along with the help of Photoshop, After Effects, Trapocode Particular and Horizon.








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