Urban Jam - Hip-Hop Dance with Laya Barak (2007)
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Genre: eLearning | Dance
Laya Barak's "Urban Jam - Hip Hop Dance" program offers instruction in innovative hip hop styles for skill levels from beginner to professional.

The program includes a warmup and isolations section, followed by beginning, intermediate, and advanced routines, and then an additional breakdown of the beginner routine (separate upper and lower body breakdowns are shown).
The warm up and isolations provide you with a basic stretch, together with exercises that will improve the upper and lower body coordination that is so essential for hip hop dance.
The Beginner hip hop dance routine is broken down step-by-step with ample repetition. An additional "Arms" and "Lower Body" section breaks down separately - move-by- move - all the arm and foork of the beginner routine.

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