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Thread: TutsPlus - PHP Fundamentals

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    TutsPlus - PHP Fundamentals


    TutsPlus - PHP Fundamentals
    English | Length: 10 hours | Video 1152x720 | Elearning | 1.16 GB
    So you've learned the basics HTML and CSS and are now ready to dig into building your own dynamic websites. Congratulations for getting this far; now it's time for the fun part! In this course, I'll teach you, from scratch, how to use PHP; we'll also, naturally, have to learn a bit of MySQL in the process!

    Topics include:

    Prologue 13m 54s
    Hello! 39s
    Installation 13m 15s

    The PHP Language 2h 38m
    Syntax and Variables 12m 9s
    Displaying Errors 6m 19s
    Arrays 18m 37s
    Modifying Arrays 18m 58s
    Conditionals 22m 1s
    Loops 8m 31s
    Running Scripts 9m 20s
    Includes and Requires 7m 58s
    Formatted Strings 13m 48s
    Decoding Functions and Scope 20m 20s
    Objects at a Low Level 10m 44s
    Heredocs 9m 15s

    Passing Values From Page to Page 1h 15m 53s
    Using the Query String 14m 10s
    $_POST 10m 17s
    Sessions 17m 27s
    Refactoring the Previous Lesson 12m 25s
    Cookies 21m 34s

    Working With Files 41m 26s
    Creating a Counter 17m 36s
    Manipulating Filenames 13m 44s
    Homework Solutions 10m 6s

    Midterm Project 38m 24s
    A File-Based Mailing List - Part 1 17m 59s
    A File-Based Mailing List - Part 2 20m 25s

    MySQL 56m 44s
    Hello MySQL 13m 57s
    Inserting, Selecting, and Deleting 8m 41s
    Updating Rows and Columns 11m 20s
    Joining Tables 12m 10s
    GUI Apps 10m 36s

    PHP and MySQL 1h 20m 4s
    Anti-Pattern: PHP's MySQL API 20m 6s
    PDO: Connecting 6m 34s
    The Query Method 4m 28s
    Prepared Statements 13m 49s
    PDO Helper Functions 24m 23s
    Namespaces 10m 44s

    Hands-On Project 1h 39s
    The Obligatory Blog: Part 1 9m 37s
    The Obligatory Blog: Part 2 11m 40s
    The Obligatory Blog: Part 3 11m 55s
    The Obligatory Blog: Part 4 19m 47s
    The Obligatory Blog: Part 5 7m 40s

    The Next Level 1h 3m 41s
    Composer and ActiveRecord 15m 29s
    Classes and Houses 15m 43s
    Grouping Related Properties and Methods 8m 18s
    An HTML Utility Class 10m 29s
    A File Utility Class 13m 42s

    Conclusion 3m 14s
    Goodbye 3m 14s

    Instructor: Jeffrey Way
    Lessons: 26
    Length: 10 hours


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