TutsPlus - Catch Up with Ruby on Rails 4
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Ruby on Rails, of the most innovative frameworks in the world, is now marching its way into 4.0 territory. As with any major new release, there will most certainly be a variety changes, new additions, and improvements. But dont worry; let me take you through all of these changes, step by step. You'll be prepped in no time!

Catch Up with Ruby on Rails 4 7m 46s
Introduction 7m 46s

Controllers and Views 39m 38s
HTML5 Form Helpers 11m 52s
Collection Form Helpers 7m 40s
Custom Flash Types 6m 28s
Before_action 2m 56s
Caching 10m 42s

New features 34m 12s
Live Streaming 11m 4s
Turbolinks 10m 24s
Dynamic index.html 3m 28s
Strong Parameters 9m 16s

Active Record 45m 22s
PostgreSQL hstore 17m 2s
PostgreSQL arrays 6m 12s
ActiveModel::Model 9m 6s
ActiveRecord's `not` Method 6m 54s
Concerns in the Models 6m 8s

Router 11m 34s
Concerns in the Router 5m 54s
PATCH Verb 5m 40s

Upgrade 26m 36s
No More Plugins 5m 36s
Tests 3m 56s
Gem Extractions: ... 8m 20s
How to Upgrade 8m 44s

Conclusion 4m 18s
Final Tips 4m 18s

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