Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson (2010) DVDRip
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Metamorphosis is a full-body workout and doesn’t neglect any area of your body. However, by selecting your body type, your problem areas will be targeted throughout your 90-day transformation.
In the newly released Metamorphosis by Tracy, you will transform your body, defy your genetics, and create the body that you never thought possible. Prepare to be challenged throughout this 90-day program that includes 4 discs of transforming muscular structure work, designed for your specific body types, a cardio component, and a dynamic eating plan. Experience this total transformation through your own Metamorphosis!

Metamorphosis buyers are also eligible to extend their workouts with Metamorphosis Continuity. Starting 90 days after you place your order you’ll receive a set of Metamorphosis by Tracy muscular structure workouts automatically shipped to you.

Meta Metamorphosis is targeted to your Body Type

If you gain weight all over, then you are Omnicentric.

These workouts will be a full-body-skin-tuck,

and anything that is droopy or loose about your body will be awakened,

firmed and lifted.

Hipcentric workouts are for those who have a small waist,

big hips, and big thighs.

For you, it’s all about pulling in the hips, taking off excess fat stored in your thighs,

lifting your butt, and getting rid of cellulite.

Do you gain weight in your midsection or have a thick waist?

Then you are Abcentric and your workouts are going to whittle away your midsection,

cinch your waist, and create a flat,

sexy stomach with feminine definition.

You are Glutecentric if you have a droopy,

shapeless behind.

This workout will lift your butt, tone down any back fat,

get rid of cellulite and create a clear distinction between your lifted butt and thigh.