Social Supremacy Blueprint - Greg Greenway
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The simple mindset shift that will increase the QUALITY & QUANTITY of women in your life. Why cold approach is KILLING your sex life and how to revive it.

MODULE 1: Social Intelligence
Here's where we lay out the foundation of the rest of the course. Your bamboo root system.This is the most important aspect of all social interaction.

MODULE 2: Rapport - Part 1
What makes people like you and why... and how to engineer it in your own life. (PLUS 6 Rapport Accelerators which will put it all into turbo-gear)

MODULE 3:The Rapport Ladder
My most important discovery. The framework that maps out every human-to-human relationship on the planet, and shows you how to take them to a higher level.

MODULE 4: Social Circle Dynamics
An in-depth explanation of how social circles work... the 5 speci?c roles in them, who to focus on, and who you should avoid like the plague...

MODULE 5:Accessing Social Circles
The 5 steps to in?ltrating any social circle... and how to pull ???em off without breaking a sweat

MODULE 6: Real-Life Examples
How I came to the US with 3 ph numbers in my pocket and went from nothing to Rockstar lifestyle in 3 months... I???ll show you how I did it, step by step... and how you can do it, too.

MODULE 7: Building Your Own Social Circle
The 4 Steps to build and grow your own high-in?uence social circle...starting from scratch.

MODULE 8:Your Social Pyramid
The people who will make or break your social circle... and how to manage it all without going insane.

MODULE 9: Social Circle Seduction
How to trigger massive attraction switches in girls and get them to chase you... This is the only way to access the highest quality, most beautiful girls.

MODULE 10: Becoming Attractive
The crucial steps to take to position yourself in a way to easily seduce the women in your social circle.

MODULE 11: Solo style
The 4 Phases of attracting and seducing girls in your social circle... from getting their attention to isolating.

MODULE 12: Entourage Game
The most effective way of meeting and dating a throng of hot girls.The ultimate ???passive pussy??? system.

MODULE 13: Dream Team Game
How to create your own ???Playground of Women??? with a few like-minded guys who will work with you to achieve your goals.

MODULE 14: Pimping All Over The World
How to rapidly create high-impact social circles in new cities,on holidays and short trips...Plus business nerking secrets

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