Simply Maya - Architectural Study: The Taj Mahal | 1.26 GB
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Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner

Creating architecture is a great place to get started with polygon modeling in Maya if this is a new field to you. In this tutorial where we'll build the amazing Taj Mahal, of the wonders of the medieval world, you will learn how to set up a project file and image planes as well as create your own custom shelf.

The tutorial is d in an extremely slow pace and is therefore easy to follow along with for new users. You'll learn how to use many of Maya's polygon modeling tools like insert edge loop, extrude, merge vertices and split poly tool, as well as how to keep good edge spacing and reinforcing edges on a model in order for it to hold up for smoothing. The technique used is a bit unusual in the sense that you'll work on creating a quarter model which will then be duplicated around to form the complete building, this is something that can be very useful when working on symmetrical models and can save you a lot of time when building architectural visualisations in Maya.

We'll look at edge bevels which allow for light reflection on architectural surfaces, how to model arches and work to exact references for seam detail and accurate representations of buildings like Taj Mahal and the minarets that surrounds it, as well as ways to maintain fully quaded models which is good practice. You'll also learn a clean workflow and how to keep your scene tidy with good naming practice and grouped geometry by using Maya's outliner, this is something that is very important in any production environment.

Tutorial Details:

- Creating Architectural Visualisations in Maya
- Detailed Reference Modeling
- Keeping Organized Scenes
- Polygon Modeling Tools
- Correct Edge Spacing

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