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In the Shooting with Wireless Flash series, award winning photographer Jim Sugar demonstrates his approach to using offcamera flash in a variety of lighting scenarios, sharing practical tips along the way.

In this installment, Jim shows how to shoot outdoors during twilight, what photographers refer to as the magic hour. He goes on location to create an exterior photo of a busy pizzeria, employing five wireless strobes strategically placed both inside the building and on its exterior.
His approach to lighting the scene involves balancing all of the scene s light sources the twilight from the sky, the interior light of the pizzeria, the existing lights on the outside of the building, and the output of his strobesin such a way that the final photo doesnt appear to have any special lighting at all. He demonstrates a variety of inexpensive lighting tools clamps, gels, and other light modifiers to accomplish this goal.
Also discussed is the importance of planning and setting up ahead of time to maximize shooting time when the light is waning. The course wraps up with tips on planning for gear estimating the amount of time available to shoot, shooting in manual mode, and using a camera s histogram to judge exposure.

Topics include:
Preparing for a shoot
Using light modifiers, clamps, and other lighting accessories
Changing the quantity, aim, and color of strobes to balance existing light
Using twilight calculators to estimate available time
Manually adjusting aperture and shutter speed
Composing the shot
Assessing the results
Tips to remember for outdoor sessions


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