Pluralsight - Preparing For a Job Interview (2013)
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This Course covers some of the Most Important Things you need to know to help you succeed in a job Developer Interview. Job Interviews CAN be Difficult and very intimidating. When you need a job, IT is Important to have Good job Interviewing skills and know What to expect.

The Only problem is, IT is very Difficult to Get Experience with job Interviews, Because We do not do Them That Often. This Course is designed to much make you Feel More Prepared for a job Developer Interview by going over the Process and talking About many of the types of questions you are likely to Encounter. Course In this we'll go over the Basics of a job Interview and Talk About What specifically Employers are Looking for and How you CAN Improve your Resume. I'll Teach you some tricks That Increase the Chances of Getting an Interview you Greatly. Also We'll go over of the Most Difficult and scary parts of a job Developer Interview, solving a coding question on the Spot. I'll Walk you through My Own Personal Technique for solving These types of problem and Take you Step by Step through an example, SO That you CAN gain the skills and Experience That Will help you Feel comfortable to These kinds of Tackle Problems on your Own. Our journey then Will Takes us through some typical Interview questions to help you Understand What types of thing you Should know and prepare for and the best way to answer These types of questions. Then we'll go through a blazing fast boot camp for computer science questions about data structures, algorithms, bit manipulation, and concurrency ... All the Fun stuff from you Forgot About College. And finally we'll wrap up by talking About How you CAN Get Experience if you do not have any, and What kind of Experience is Valuable. If you are Looking for a job or Currently just want to brush up on your skills to be prepared, this course might be just for you.

Job Interview Basics

Course Overview
Why This Course?
Course Goals
Why the Interview Process?
What Employers Are Looking For
The Purpose of a Resume
Investing in a Resume Service
Referrals Inside
The Interview Process
Soft Skills
Read This Book!
Up Next

Algorithm Based Questions

Algorithm Based Problems
What Is Being Tested
The Basic Process
Our Problem
Step 1: Reading the Problem
Step 1: Exercise
Step 2: Solving Manually
Step 2: Exercise 1
Step 2: Exercise 2
Step 3: Optimize the Manual Steps
Step 3: Exercise
Step 4 : Pseudo-code
Step 4: Exercise
Step 5: Real Code
Step 5: Exercise
Step 6: Optimize Real Code
Step 6: Exercise
Common Mistakes

Typical Questions

Types of Questions
Studying Advice
C # Question 1
C # Question 2
C # Question 3
Java Question 1
Java Question 2
Java Question 3
Object Orientation Question 1
Object Orientation Question 2
Object Orientation Question 3
Design Patterns Question 1
Design Patterns Question 2
Design Patterns Question 3
SQL Question 1
SQL Question 2
SQL Question 3
Personality Question 1
Personality Question 2
Personality Question 3
Courses to Learn More
Up Nexst

Computer Science Questions

Types of Questions
Why Computer Science Questions?
Big O Notation
Bit Manipulation
Binary Conversion
Bitwise Operators
Bit Problem
Data Structures
Linked Lists
Trees and Tree Traversal
Tree Questions
Stack And Queue Questions
Binary Search
Race Conditions
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Getting Experience

When You Do not Have Any
What Is Open Source?
Open Source Projects
Getting Started
Creating Your Own Project
Teaching Others
Code Camps
Experience What Is Important?
Wrap Up

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