Pluralsight - Android Location-Based Apps (2013)
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In this Course We cover the range of Wide Location Capabilities of the Android platform user Including Determining Location, Power Management, Location Translating Data into Human-readable Street addresses, and much More. Virtually All Android Devices now include the special ability to Determine the user's Location.

The overwhelming Majority of apps CAN Benefit from Incorporating Location information as Knowing a user's Location Allows your app to Better personalize the user Experience. In this Course We cover the Wide range of location capabilities of the Android platform including the different ways to determine the user's location, the performance and power usage implications of different location strategies, how to translate the raw location coordinates into meaningful street addresses, and much more.

Android Location Basics

Accessing the system Location
Location providers and Security
Handling Location information
Demo: Handling Location information
Receiving Location updates
Demo: Receiving updates Location
Location Getting a single value
Demo: Getting a single value Location

Android Location Providers

Providers and provider characteristics
Selecting providers by Behavior
Demo: Selecting providers by Behavior
Provider availability and Influences
Demo: Provider availability and Influences - Part 1
Demo: Provider availability and influences - Part 2
Enabling Location-Related Features
Demo: Enabling Location-Related Features
Accessing Underlying GPS information
The Passive Location provider
Demo: The Passive Location provider

Android Location Management and Threading

Moving Location off main thread
Demo: Moving Location off main thread
Updating UI thread from Location
Demo: Updating UI thread from Location
Background Location Tracking
Demo: Background Location Tracking

Controlling Android Location Frequency

Reducing Frequency of Location updates
Ways to Receive updates Location
Location and PendingIntents
Implementing Location with PendingIntents
Demo: Implementing Location with PendingIntents
When to avoid Location with PendingIntents
Proximity Alerts

Human-Readable Location Information

Location Information - computers VS. People
Geocoder class
Demo: Geocoder class
How Geocoder class works
Using Geocoder in a Friendly Manner UI
Demo: Using Geocoder in a UI Friendly Manner

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