Pluralsight - Agile Estimation
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We're agile, so we don't have to estimate and have no deadlines, right? Wrong! This course will dive into the problem with estimation in projects today and then a complete overview of the concept of agile estimation and the notion of re-estimation.

We'll learn about user stories, story points, planning poker , product backlog, team velocity, how to apply them all to estimation and iterative re-estimation. We will then take an alternative approach and look at using real metrics to limit the guesswork in estimating and still run a team that produces predictably and reliably. The course will round out with a discussion on how to sell the concept of Agile Estimation in various environments such as consulting or fixed cost projects. Upon completion of this course you will be able to perform Agile Estimation in your organization.

Course Overview 00:02:36

Introduction to the Course 02:36

An Introduction to Agile Estimation 00:15:34

Introduction to the Module 02:02

Estimation in the Real World 01:01

The Estimation Problem 04:37

The C of Uncertainty 03:46

Agile Estimation Theory 03:18

Module Summary 00:50

The Mechanics of Agile Estimation 00:41:39

Module Introduction 01:43

Understanding User Stories 06:03

A look at Story Points 06:07

Understanding Negotiation 06:47

Using Planning Poker 11:07

Re-estimation 08:17

Module Summary 01:35

Stop Estimating and use Metrics 00:32:50

Module Introduction 01:03

Estimates vs Measurement 05:10

What Data to Collect 06:37

What about bugs? 05:52

Demo: Using the Data to Estimate More Precisely 05:49

When to Use Agile Estimation 06:32

Module and Course Summary 01:47

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