Kelby Training - Edgy Photography : From Photo Shoot to Photoshop with Calvin Hollywood
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German Photographer/Photoshop Artist Calvin Hollywood - known for his edgy, contemporary photography and composites, takes you through his entire process from the location shoot to the computer to show you how to achieve the same tough and gritty look that has become part of his signature style in the professional world.
*Introduction (01:35)
*Scouting the Location (03:28)
*Model and Gear (02:02)
*Lighting Setup and Photo Shoot (16:46)
*Raw Conversion 1 (05:54)
*Raw Conversion 2 (07:10)
*Raw Conversion 3 (08:28)
*Not a Passing FAD (05:49)
*Topaz Details (05:17)
*True Grit (04:01)
*Creating Vignette Light (04:11)
*Fine-Tuning (05:19)
*Noise Control (04:48)
*The Technique That Cannot Be Named (05:05)
*Wrap Up (03:36)