PeepCode – Peepcode Screencasts, Books and PeepOpen (2006-2012) | 13.15 GB
English| Year: 2006-2012| Author: Geoffrey Grosenbach |
Updated : 17.08.2012| Duration: 3 days 5h 07m. 49s
Genre: Video Training

Tutorial videos on Ruby, Rails, Unit testing, Git, Objective-C, jQuery, Prototype, Vim, Emacs.

Course Outline:
Play By Play With Tim Caswell (8/2012)
Meet PostgreSQL
Scaling Ruby
Play by Play: John Barnette
Play by Play: Gary Bernhardt
Meet Rails 3 Part II
Meet Rails 3 Part I
Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook PDF
Smash Into Vim II
Smash Into Vim
PeepOpen Application
Use the Cucumber
jQuery Ajax
Meet jQTouch
iPhone Views I
Meet jQuery
Ruby 1.9 Part II
Ruby 1.9 Part I
Meet Sinatra
iPhone View Controllers Part II
iPhone View Controllers Part I
Advanced Command Line
Meet Mercurial
Meet the Command Line
Meet MacRuby
Functional Programming with Clojure
Screencasting with Final Cut Pro
Control Your Email Inbox
Objective-C for Rubyists
Haml and Sass
Meet Emacs
Productivity for Programmers
XMPP/Jabber with Ruby
Thinking Sphinx PDF
CouchDB with Rails
Phusion Passenger
REST for Rails 2
Rails Security Audit PDF
Receiving Email with Ruby PDF
Git Internals PDF
TextMate for Rails 2
ActiveMerchant PDF
Screencasting on the Mac
RSpec User Stories
Capistrano 2
Rails 2 PDF
RSpec Controllers and Tools
Rails Code Review PDF
RSpec Mocks and Models
Ajax with Prototype.js
RSpec Basics
Rails 2 from Scratch Part II
Rails 2 from Scratch Part I
Javascript with Prototype.js
Benchmarking with httperf
Page, Action, and Fragment Caching
Test-First Development for Rails
RJS Template
Restful Rails
EventMachine I
EventMachine II
Backbone.js I
Backbone.js II
PLAY by PLAY: Francis Hwang
PLAY by PLAY: Ryan Singer: UX Sketching
PLAY by PLAY: Ryan Singer: UI Prototype
PLAY by PLAY: Zed Shaw
Backbone.js III
Advanced Git
HTML5: Browser Caching
PLAY by PLAY: Aaron Patterson
PLAY by PLAY: Jim Weirich
Full Stack Node.js Part 1

#070: Full Stack Node.js Part 2
#071: PLAY by PLAY: Kyle Neath: UI workflow
#072: PLAY by PLAY: Yehuda Katz: Rails 3 (NEWS)
#073: PLAY by PLAY: Yehuda Katz: Ember.js (NEWS)
#074: PLAY by PLAY: Tim Caswell: Node.js (NEWS)

Update: 17.8.2012
Peepcode Screencast – Play By Play With Tim Caswell | 595MB

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