Options Trading Home Study Courses
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Options University's Home Study Courses provide that luxury, while allowing you to learn and study options trading at your own pace.
These courses often contain the very same information taught in the Live Classes, with all the unnecessary detail filtered out. That means you get just the concise instruction you need to master options trading.

Fastest Way To Tap Into True Trading Veteran Minds And Extract All Of The Money Making Skills Used For Over A Decade To Dominate The Market! It’s so simple once you have a true veteran in your corner. No hype. No B.S. Just true scientific methods used by real world floor traders to generate maximum profit and virtually eliminate risk.

The courses contain hard-copy manuals, CDs and DVDs, providing a multi-media environment to enhance your learning of the material to the fullest.

1. Welcome
2. Transcripts Modules 1-4
3. Video Slides Modules 1-4
4. Quick Start
5. Quick Start
6. Module 1 disc 1 -introduction
7. Module 1 disc 2-The options pricing model
8. Module 1 disc 3-options pricing model cont
9. Module 1 disc 4-Pricing model inputs
10. Module 1 disc 5-The Greeks Delta
11. Module 1 disc 6- The Greeks Gamma
12. Module 1 Disc 7-The Greeks Theta
13. Module 1 disc 8-The Greeks Vega
14. Module 2 disc 1 -Calls
15. Module 2 disc 2-Puts
16. Module 2 disc 3-Trading Calls and Puts
17. Module 2 disc 4 -Synthetic Stock
18. Module 2 disc 5-Synthetic stock cont
19. Module 2 disc 6-Synthetic calls
20. Module 2 disc 7-Synthetic Puts
21. Module 2 Disc 9-Reversals/Conversions
22. Module 3 disc 1-Covered call/Buy-write
23. Module 3 disc 2-covered put/sell-write
24. Module 3 disc 3-The Protective Put
25. Module 3 disc 4-The Protective Put cont
26. Module 3 disc 5-Synthetic put positions
27. Module 3 disc 6- The Collar
28. Module 4 disc 1-Vertical Spreads
29. Module 4 disc 2-Time Spreads
30. Module 4 disc 3-diagonal spreads
31. Module 4 disc 4-Straddles
32. Module 5 disc 5-Strangles
33. Module 5 disc 6-butterflies
34. Module 5 disc 7-condors

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.