'Ndrangheta: The Glocal Dimensions of the Most Powerful Italian Mafia by Anna Sergi
English | 29 July 2016 | ISBN: 3319325841 | 122 Pages | PDF (True) | 2.02 MB

This book presents an historical and sociological account of the Italian mafia-type organisation known as the ˜ndrangheta.

The authors demonstrate that ˜ndrangheta clans have an innovative way of being and doing mafia work through a dense network of relationships both in the ˜upperworld and in the ˜underworld, a particularly acute sense of business, a reputation built on the protection of blood and family ties, and, last but not least, a symbiotic relationship and camouflage within Calabrian society. By focusing on both the structures and the activities of the clans and with findings based on judicial documents, this book explores why the ˜ndrangheta is today labeled as œthe most powerful Italian mafia. It will be of great interest to upper-level students and scholars of organised crime and sociology.


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