Molecular Theory of Lithography By Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu
2016 | 488 Pages | ISBN: 1628415517 | PDF | 25 MB

This book is a unified exposition of the molecular theory that underlies lithographic imaging. It explains with physical-chemical theories the molecular-level interactions involved in lithographic imaging. It also provides the theoretical basis for the main unit operations of the advanced lithographic process, as well as for advanced lithographic imaging mechanisms, including photochemical and radiochemical, imprint, and directed block copolymer self-assembly imaging mechanisms. The book is intended for student and professionals whose knowledge of lithography extends to the chemistry and physics underlying its various forms. A familiarity with chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics will be helpful, as will be familiarity with elementary concepts in physics such as energy, force, electrostatics, electrodynamics, and optics.

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