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Thread: Lynda.com - Color Management Essential Training

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    Lynda.com - Color Management Essential Training


    Color Management Essential Training is an in-depth exploration of applying color theory and color management workflows in various graphics applications. Part 1(chapters 1-9) explores color and color management theories, while part 2 (chapters 10-20) teaches actual color management techniques that can be incorporated into workflows. Beginning with definitions for such terms as hue, saturation, and metamerism, instructor Chris Murphy teaches the processes for getting consistent color in every stage--from input and edit through final output--and delves into color management principles for the web, prepress, and print. He also details specific color management workflows in Adobe Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, InDesign CS3, Acrobat, and QuarkXPress 7. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

    Topics include:

    * Grasping basic color management
    * Understanding spectral power distribution and illuminants
    * Distinguishing color from digital color
    * Solving color problems
    * Profiling and calibrating printers
    * Working with Mac OS X
    * Tagging, embedding, and assigning color profiles
    * Finding the proper workflow balance
    * Using application-specific color management processes

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    The link is dead... Empty directory.

    Could you repost?

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