Kelby Training - Mastering Selections in Photoshop CS5 | 607 MB
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Being able to make accurate selections is of the most important skills in Photoshop and making those selections quickly and painlessly is equally important. Join Dave Cross as he covers all the key tools and techniques for selecting and masking, including the newest Photoshop CS5 techniques.

Table of Contents:

Introduction (00:48)

What is new in Photoshop CS5 (06:22)
Learn how the greatly enhanced Refine Edge dialog can do an amazing job of selecting fine details.

Selections versus Masks (04:34)
See the difference between selections and masks, and why it is important to use both

Key Concepts (07:03)
A quick overview of the key selection tools and functions

Layer Masks (09:39)
Learn the basics of how layer masks work and why they are so advantageous

Marquee Tools (05:34)
How to use the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee tools

Lasso Tools (07:15)
How to use the Regular, Magnetic and Polygonal Lasso tools, including how to switch between them on the fly

Quick Selection Tool / Magic Wand (07:18)
Learn how to make automatic selections with the Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools

Fine-Tuning Selections (05:59)
How to make your selection more accurate by fine-tuning the selection edge

Quick Mask (05:53)
Change the view of your selection and adjust that selection using Quick Mask

Pen Tool (05:12)
An overview of using the Pen tool to draw (and edit) a path that can be turned into a selection

Color Range (05:12)
Learn how Color Range can help you select a specific range of colors throughout a document in a more interactive way than the Magic Wand

Refine Edge (06:29)
A more detailed look at the enhanced Refine Edge dialog

Saving Selections (06:03)
How to save your selection as an Alpha Channel or a Layer

Channel-Based Selection (06:57)
For complex selections, start with a channel to create a mask

Green Screen Extraction (05:42)
Learn an automated way to extract people from a green screen background

Camera Raw and Selections (05:45)
Take advantage of Camera Raw Smart Objects to make challenging selections

Example (06:11)
Watch a real-world example comparing methods of making a challenging selection

Conclusion (00:32)

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