Kelby Training - The Business Side of Dave Black Get Paid Shooting What You Love
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Join’s own Larry Becker and world renowned sports photographer Dave Black as they sit down to discuss what it takes to succeed as a sports photographer. Dave’s love of sports combined with his love of photography and his ability to continually improve his game has fueled a career that spans three decades and sports coverage all around the world. Over the course of an hour Dave shares stories, advice, and practical tips on topics that range from how to embrace the transitions that will happen in your career to how to keep raising the bar on yourself to remain competitive, and from choosing your gear to challenging yourself to find ways to produce a different kind of picture..

On Getting Started [15:30]
Dave shares his story of how he got started in photography and how he launched his own photography business.

On Making Transitions [13:45]
Over the course of your career there will be many types of transitions you'll need to navigate. Dave discusses some of the transitions he's made over the last 30 years.

On Raising the Bar [13:44]
From embracing new technology to learning how to see and do things differently, you have to always be in the process of taking your work to the next level.

On Choosing Gear [14:51]
Dave discusses his relationships with various companies and then gets into the gear he uses for the different types of shoots he might get hired to do.

On Painting with Light [09:51]
Beyond the sports photography Dave has a passion for light painting, where he uses long exposures and flashlights to literally paint with light.

On Producing a Different Kind of Picture [13:26]
Don't get pigeonholed into thing. Keep trying new subjects, new techniques, and new ways of seeing. Then find some else to critique your work.

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