Jillian Michaels – Body Revolution (2012) | 6.19 GB
15 Life-Changing DVD Workouts – No Gym Required!

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution contains compact, super-effective workouts that will completely overhaul your entire physique in just 30 minutes a day, over the 90 day program. The workouts are split into three progressive Phases, each lasting one month. You’ll get 4 Metabolic Training Circuit DVD’s, plus one Cardio DVD for each of the three months. Each routine features a low-impact modifier so you can follow Jillian at whatever level is most comfortable for you!

The program is split into 3 phases

Blast calories. Blast fat. Blast metabolism into the stratosphere!

Phase 1 workouts put you on the fast track to weight loss with a metabolic makeover. Jillian lays the foundation for success with low impact, results focused moves:

Workout 1 (weights)
Start off strong with basic moves that target “front of the body” muscles like chest, shoulders, arms, quads and core! This workout is about building balance and core strength in order to burn calories and prep your body for the upcoming workouts. Your body and light weights provide the resistance. Low impact cardio bursts make this a non-stop fat burner.

Workout 2 (weights, Resistance cable)
Continue building your foundation with classic “back of the body” moves that work your back, biceps, glutes, hamstrings and core using your weights, a resistance cable and your own body weight. Like Workout 1, strength, balance and stability are the goal as you burn mega calories.

Workout 3 (weights, Resistance cable)
Ratchet up the intensity with high-energy sculpt moves using weights and a resistance cable for super sculpting and mega-fat melting. A real “front of the body” challenge.

Workout 4 (weights)
This “back of the body” workout introduces more plyometrics and traditional athletic drills, using weights, for superior sculpting and a dramatically spiked calorie burn.
Cardio 1
Low impact cardio moves for “extra credit” calorie burn that leaves you lean and mean.
Get ready for a total body transformation!

The results you will see in the mirror and in your physical performance will be staggering in Phase 2. Greater resistance, dynamic movements, and more challenging exercises continue to shed fat and shred your physique.

Workout 5 (weights, Resistance cable)
A yoga-inspired warm-up blasts right into a killer “front of the body” routine using weights and a resistance cable. Cardio blasts are fast and fierce for maximum fat burning.

Workout 6 (weights, Resistance cable)
Multi-tasking moves synchronize the upper “back of the body” muscles with lower body work to raise the roof on conditioning and fat burning. More intense cardio intervals accelerate metabolism to burn even more post-workout bonus calories. You’ll need all your weights plus a resistance cable for this one.

Workout 7 (weights, Resistance cable)
Quick, focused resistance training shreds the “front of the body” core, especially with fun plank and push-up positions plus serious athletic drills using weights and a resistance cable. Sizzling cardio intervals burn massive calories and stoke metabolism.

Workout 8 (weights, Resistance cable)
A potent blend of intermediate to advanced “back of the body” moves using weights and a resistance cable, plus an emphasis on balance and coordination to enhance the sculpting power of the routine. Cardio bursts include weights for the first time to ensure a heart pounding, high energy, calorie burn.

Cardio 2
Intermediate cardiovascular workouts with low to high impact moves to max out calorie burn and melt fat from trouble zones.
Put the finishing touches on that hot new bod!

The apex of workouts – the culmination of everything you have been working towards. Phase 3 is where it all comes together. Polish muscles to perfection and obliterate any remaining fat.

Workout 9 (weights, Resistance cable)
Time to rock-and-roll with super intense “front of the body” moves inspired in part by power yoga and hardcore bootcamp. The weights and resistance cable provide sculpting and mega fat burn. Lightning fast cardio bursts are cranked up to incinerate calories and fire up metabolism.

Workout 10 (weights, Resistance cable)
Target the “back of the body” in a super quick, intense routine that pushes you to your ultimate potential. Higher resistance on the weights and resistance cable means superior toning and scorching calorie burn.

Workout 11 (weights, Resistance cable)
A Gold Medal workout jam packed with athletic moves, weights and a resistance cable to inspire you to give it all you’ve got and get what you came for. It puts the finishing touches on “front of the body” muscles.

Workout 12 (weights, Resistance cable)
This is it! An all-out, pedal-to-the-metal blur of body sculpt moves for the “back of the body” and wicked cardio bursts that max out your calorie burn and fat melting potential.

Bang out this fast paced, high energy, high impact, plyometric workout by burning more calories per minute than you ever thought possible to complete your total body transformation.
Each workout is about 30 minutes in length which is ideal for people who are short on time. Compare this to Rip 60, Insanity and P90X where workouts can last between 1-2 hours which for many of us is a little extreme and a major hurdle for many to do everyday.

The workouts are a mixture of resistance, weight and cardio training. You be introduced to a revolutionary technique called metabolic training which claims it integrates all of the most progressive exercise science techniques used by elite athletes.

The technique is a combintaion of plyometric, super sets, hybrid lifts, muscle splits, peripheral heart action, HIIT and functional bodyweight training combined into one. It claims it will not only burn calories but accelerate your metabolism.
Included in the program are:

15 DVD Workouts
Fitness Guide
Fat Burning Meal Plan
Resistance Cable
7 Day Kickstart Metabolism Guide
90 Day Journal
Free 30 Day Web Club Access