iOS App Dev 102: Programming Structures and Classes | 1.41 GB
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Every Object in Objective-C has an inherited behavior which is called a Class. Understanding and customizing these behaviors is essential programming knowledge. In this second course in our iOS App Dev series you learn all about Objects and their Classes...

This iOS programming course is all about Objects and their Classes. Classes are like blueprints for Objects. They determine how Objects work and how they relate to the other Objects to which they�re connected. As you build an app using Objects, understanding their behaviors and how you can manipulate them allows you to go beyond the stock, inherited behaviors. This course brings comprehension to the concept of Inheritance and how to override it.

Next up is a look at blocks. Blocks are language level features that add functionality to the C language. Although the syntax is a bit obscure, this course shows you how to construct Blocks to add another level of programming finesse to your iOS projects.

The last tutorials in this course conclude with an in-depth examination of memory management. As a result, you leave the course with a thorough understanding of the latest version of Xcode and its ability to manage memory automatically using its built-in Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) functionality! So dive in and get an understanding of Objects, Classes and Blocks as you continue your iOS App Dev journey.

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1. Programming Structures
2. Classes
3. Blocks and Memory Management

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