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Thread: IconResource - Creating iOS, OSX, and Windows Icon with Photoshop

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    IconResource - Creating iOS, OSX, and Windows Icon with Photoshop

    Picture Perfect Icons. Icons for desktops can be small feature guides or large application icons chock full of detail - a giant canvas, just waiting to be filled and nicely detailed can be very intimidating. Don't worry, though: Icon Resource will show you how to fit your vision into those power- of-two pixel size documents, one shape layer at a time.

    Built to Scale
    Icons come in many shapes and sizes; from glyphic pictograms to elaborate 'realistic' HIG-compliant OS X and Windows icons, Icon Resource covers sketching them out, modeling them in just Photoshop or similarly featured software, and ensuring they kick ass at all intended sizes including fitting them into cramped spaces.

    Theoretically Academic
    Icon Resource doesnï't just let you figure out the design methods and step-by-steps for pretty pictures, it also tells you a bit about the background of icon design, the guidelines you have to adhere on various platforms, and teaches you common pitfalls so you can prevent those nasty redesign situations

    http://ul.to/z407fbiy/IconResource..Creating.iOS.OSX.and.Wind0ws.Icon.wi th.Photoshop.part1.rar
    http://ul.to/ey2v9jam/IconResource..Creating.iOS.OSX.and.Wind0ws.Icon.wi th.Photoshop.part2.rar
    http://ul.to/838kfa20/IconResource..Creating.iOS.OSX.and.Wind0ws.Icon.wi th.Photoshop.part3.rar
    http://ul.to/phtcfpkl/IconResource..Creating.iOS.OSX.and.Wind0ws.Icon.wi th.Photoshop.part4.rar

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