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Thread: How to get colour approved rapidly and maintain it

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    How to get colour approved rapidly and maintain it

    This guide addresses not only production best practice but also the interaction with the customer and design agency necessary to produce a completely satisfactory printing job. This guide addresses both the on-press aspects of Colour OK and, equally as importantly, the total process that begins with the specification and creation of the printed job. Adopting this approach implies that the workflow begins with the finished job.
    Correct colour setting, one of the primary tasks for obtaining a press OK, depends significantly on how humans see, understand and communicate colour.
    Print production methods have changed from a process of separate analogue steps to a continuous digital workflow from image creation to printing. The trend to ‘print by numbers’ is also being driven by customer requirements for verifiable quality control, the growth of CtPlate, use of industry standards, closed-loop production control, globalisation and remote-site printing using pre-press data transmitted with numeric control values. The primary elements for improved performance include:
    • An integrated industrial manufacturing strategy that combines standardisation, process-control and defined procedures is essential to achieve higher quality and productivity benefits. Standardisation and process-control are core elements of effective colour management. Without them, colour management loses the “ground from under its feet”, is “process blind” and cannot fulfil its objectives .
    • Adequate planning, specification and job preparation by the customer and the printer.
    • Complete and coherent control of the printing workflow. Each output step needs to be controlled (PDF, digital proof, CtPlate, printing) with measuring techniques and methods that achieve a predictable outcome. Success requires that the customer, pre-press supplier and printer work together within this approach.
    • Appropriate on-press colour approval method. Human factors are often overlooked in the colour approval process. These include subjective and varying perceptions of colour, communication and expectations also different viewing environments between customer, agency and printer.
    • Effective maintenance and standard operating procedures are key success factors to ensure rapid start-up, optimum quality, productivity and on-time delivery (see guide N° 4 “Productivity Maintenance”).
    Best practices are a tool to improve overall performance. Each contributing company plays a role in an interrelated production chain within which the combined expertise is a positive way to help improve overall process performance.


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