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Thread: How to avoid surprises when changing paper grades

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    How to avoid surprises when changing paper grades

    Best practices are a tool to improve overall performance. The purpose of this guide is to provide heatset and coldset web offset printers with a base reference to best practice. The contributing companies play a role in an inter-related production chain and the combination of their expertise is a positive way to help improve overall production process performance :
    • Avoidance of predictable problems
    • Correct use of materials and equipment
    • Systematic problem diagnoses with appropriate remedial actions
    "How to avoid surprises when changing paper grades"
    There is a continuing trend to more frequently change paper grade, weight and process. Different papers have variable process requirements that impact pre-press, printing, finishing and total cost. Many publishers, advertising agencies and printers have suffered under-performance from change. Whilst others have optimised their total production process by working closely with their suppliers. By focusing on three grades of paper (LWC, SC, INP) we show what changes to expect and best practices to improve performance. The economic models and research results indicate the importance of different variables. They should not be taken as absolute values because of the diversity of the web offset process and its materials. We therefore recommend that printers monitor their own performance to calculate their own specific position.
    Optimised printing on variable paper grades
    Technology and material changes have led to pre-press becoming progressively even more important to optimum printing performance. The single most important factor affecting total cost and quality is the matching of pre-press profiles to paper grade and press. Effective use of industry reference targets for “printing by numbers” are critical to the integration of digital workflows, creating ICC profiles and the effective use of CTP. Other key influences are maintenance, press settings, environmental conditions and the selection of the right combination of consumables for each press.


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